Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Coobooks & Recipe Boxes

Dear Ladies,

I miss the old. I love the new. But I terribly miss the old. What I mean is it seems in our present day and age cookbooks, recipe boxes, and recipe binders are all in the past for "my generation".

I remember when I got married my mom gave me a cookbook. I loved that cookbook and have cooked many meals out of it. A few years later my grandmother passed to be all her Southern Living Hardback Recipe Books from the 1990's. I use to collect cookbooks. I loved vintage ones as well.

My other grandmother gave me a cookbook that had one of her recipes in it for her "Famous Coconut Pie"! I have an old recipe box that has recipe cards, scraps of paper, and old index cards tucked away.

I love these treasures. But as time went by the good ole pinterest (it is a great resource) and google search can give you billions of recipes with a touch of a finger. This is a wonderful tool. I love it. But slowly I noticed those great good old cookbooks, recipe cards, and etc. were collecting dust.

I taught myself how to cook from those cookbooks. I have this fresh desire to pull them back out.

These days things don't seem as personal as they use to. I want to pass down my recipes to my daughter. I want her to run her fingers across the chocolate smudged page and remember me, her grandmothers, and her great-grandmothers as she fixes her pies.

Do you still use cookbooks? Do you have a recipe box?


Mrs. Chrissy T


  1. Chrissy, I have a handwritten recipe book that I used when my children were little and I was looking for a recipe in it the other day and I noticed the pages are smudged from when we were cooking back then. I was going to rewrite some of the recipes into a new clean book for my daughter. Maybe I won't ;-)

    1. The cookbook that my grandma gave me has her cooking smudges in it. I love it. She is passed on and it is like she there is a little piece of her with me. :)

  2. I have a recipe book that I keep my favorites in. I agree nothing can replace a handwritten recipe card. I was given a bag of recipe clippings and handwritten recipes that belonged to my grandmother. I love to see her handwritting and it makes me smile when I see that many of them are written on the back of a 1940's calendar.

  3. I have a book of printouts and that is mostly what I use but I do have many older cookbooks that I do miss going through. Most of my recipes are now from Pinterest.


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