Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Enjoying the Simple Day of Slow with Daddy (Slow Day Week 3)

I have been weekly posting a day that we just SLOW down and enjoy life, family, and whatever comes our way lately. I was inspired by Monica at the Homespun Heart. She has such a wonderful outlook and inspires me about slowing.

We visited my dad for Christmas. If there ever was a man that embraces simple it is him. He has no debt, and lives very minimal. He enjoys nature and animals. He loves to talk about the Lord. He has had a unbelievable hard life.  In the last 10 years he took care of my aunt, uncle, and grandmother who have all passed away. It is unbelievable the hard work he has selflessly done for others.

For trade my dad is a Horse Trader and trades and works with Horses. He is amazing at this. All of my dad's belongings are special and they could fit in a box. But he feels FULL!

I took some snapshots of us as we enjoyed ham sandwiches, chips, and pecan pie on Christmas eve with my daddy. He blessed me with a beautiful coffee cup, and candle. He showered the kids with candy and money. We sat under the pecan tree and laughed about old stories. It was a special time. I am glad we live closer to him. For the last 15 years I have lived over 10 hours away. We are now 1 in half hours.

It was a nice day of SLOW!!! I admire my dad's ability to be in his 50's and be content with simple living.


Chrissy T


  1. "he feels full" Yes! Yes! Yes! That line right there summed up everything I am really striving for. It is great that you have such a great example in your life and I am happy that you are now living closer.

    1. Wendi,

      I am striving for that too! I'm glad as well!

  2. That is a neat tribute to your dad.


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