Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hannah turns 11 years old!!!!

I have not handled this birthday good, ya'll. I love my sweet tender hearted little girl. I am starting see signs of pre-teen nature creeping in so fast and honestly it saddens and yet makes me excited.

This early morning I woke up and began to pray. I was so thankful for this young little lady God gave us. She is so tenderhearted. Always willing to help. Bubbly! Glass always full. Pollyanna!!!

You have an high endurance and heart of passion. You don't meet a stranger! You are a magnet for ALL animals. You are like the animal whisperer. You are a big sister to so many girls in our church and homeschool community. Every time I see you there is a little girl following you or your holding one. You are going to make an excellent mother one day.

May you grow to be a young lady that is a polished cornerstone for Jesus. A virtuous handmaiden. May you continue to grow in wisdom, instruction, and learn character that shines!

I love how you love nature and you acknowledge the creator of this world and all that is in it. You sit on the deck all by yourself watching the geese, the birds, and you draw and journal your thoughts of the beautiful world around you. You see beauty in small things.

We love you more than words can say. But mostly I want to remind you that God loves you more than we do and He holds "YOUR" whole world in HIS hands.

Happy Birthday Hannah B!

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