Monday, December 21, 2015

Pitter Pattering Around (Slow Day Week 2)

Good Monday Friends,

Christmas is around the corner. We don't have a whole lot more time my friends to prepare.  Some already may be having family festivities as we speak. *Smiles*

Before I started my day Saturday I enjoyed some cozy time with the Lord. I am feasting out of the book of Proverbs.

I enjoyed my Saturday making goodies for neighbors, church leaders, and Sunday School leaders for gifts of appreciation.

I also finished all my wrapping. Which was helpful to see what and if I needed a few more gifts or items for people.  I noticed that Kyle (my younger son) was very low on the gift department. I am not sure how that happen. We don't go all out but we try to be at least equal between the kids.

I am waiting on Little House on the Prairie Season 2 DVD collection for my daughter in the mail. They love Little House on the Prairie. I have to get Ethan some shoes, Kyle a few more little odds and ends, and then I am all finished up. Yay!

I have enjoyed my display of Christmas Cards. I put a sparkly ribbon on a door and I use these adorable clothes pins to hang them. It makes me smile when I see all the cards and pictures. I like to say a prayer over them when I see one.

While I was making goodies and wrapping gifts my kids had some neighbor friends over in the yard. It was super chilly so I made rounds of Hot Cocoa for them.

To wrap up this great relaxing while being creative day..... my husband's company gifted me a piece of pottery it is by Gail Pittman. A very well known pottery designer here. I was tickled pink!!!!!!

It seems now that I type all this that the day wasn't SLOW at all. But it felt SLOW. It felt peaceful. It felt good to make goodies for others. I felt love as I wrapped each gift. It was a SLOW day in creativity!!!!!

Have you SLOWED today or in a while?  I get this inspiration from Monica at Homespun Heart blog. She demonstrates so beautifully the meaning of SLOW.




  1. Chrissy, your home is looking very festive indeed. I hope that you are able to relax at Christmas and that 2016 is a year when your health is much improved.

    1. I have been relaxing and taking these slow. :) Promise. I usually do way too much this time of year. I scaled back and did only a few things I truly love. :) I pray my year ahead is that way too. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Chrissy, a friend said to use King Arthur unbleached or bread flour for the cheese rolls I linked to on my blog and you said you weren't sure what the name of the flour would be that is available in the US. Give them a try as they are yummy.


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