Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Too Much! My Priorities!

I was on a mission today to plan for the upcoming year and I really wanted to "preplan" a plan to plan! Yes....you read all that right. I began to make all of it too difficult. You see it has been a whirlwind of changes in the past year and I want to make true long lasting commitments to see true change and to achieve goals for the better.

                                                              December Cooking Class

I started by writing things I wanted to do down and then I started to research all the books, hobbies, how to clean, frugal tips, and budgeting, and homeschool ideas and my mind by the end of the day was overwhelmed and quickly I could see me not even starting all these "great" things I wanted to  accomplish.

                                                     December Cooking Class

Honestly, I got really sad and frustrated because I knew I was trying to over analyze (I am very good at this) and make things harder (also, very good at this) than what it really has to be.

I am going back to the basics. Wiping my slate clean and I am hoping to accomplish only what fits in my priorities for now and then as I gain ground I will reevaluate things and add or take away in a few months. A year can sound really tough for someone like me who is a TYPE A person who thinks if I write it down and don't do it then I have failed. *Smiles* I read some great things today that encouraged me to stay focused. Plan bite sized goals for your priorities.

I don't know why I feel this sudden urge to get things in order but I do. I want to be successful and committed to do so. I also want to keep a gentle realistic balance!

What are my priorities you may ask?

1. Commit Daily investment with my relationship with the Lord.
2. Invest in my husband and children.
3. School our children consistently and creatively.
4. Invest in my health to be able to do the above.
5. Create order, cleanliness, and beauty in our home.
6. Create and Stick to a budget and learn to be thrifty and frugal.
7. Bless others in our church, community, and extended family.

These are my priorities. Things that are important to me. Areas that the Lord has put on my heart to focus on and invest in.

I know you may already focus on these and I do try to do as well but I often get off track. I may mix these up and focus on one area more than the other and then I tend to get off balance. If I do not put the Lord first I fall off the wagon and then what happens is I get off the path and before you know it I am spending too much time online, reading, or doing hobbies. I believe hobbies, reading, and online searching are great tools for the above. But I can spend hours reading blogs on being frugal, reading books on parenting, pinning hundreds of cleaning help ideas, but if I never do them then I am wasting time and my desire is to invest in the "real" life!

                                           The chef teaching the kids how to make caramel.

I always justify my time online, reading, and such as I am reading or searching things for my kids, marriage, bible studies ideas, and cleaning help. But it is time to start living out what I read, learn, and study.

I have my priority list and so I feel confident that I will be able to plan better and keep it simple.

How do you keep from being overwhelmed when setting goals?

Blessings Friends,

Mrs. Chrissy T


  1. Usually we make a list of things to accomplish for the year. Generally a to list for things around the house. We then pick one item a month/weekend (depending on the size of the project). No other project gets started until that one is complete. I hope to add the concept to other areas of my life. I tend to be a all or nothing person and will commit to multiple things and then all of them fail. Working on it!

    1. Wendi,

      I think that all or nothing mentality is mine and that is why I get overwhelmed. LOL! I like the idea of setting a monthly goal.

  2. I have no problem making a very ambitious list, but I don't always stick with all of it. When I'm making the list, I feel invincible but then real life happens.
    I spend way too much time on line- that is something I will work on in 2016

    1. You know that is a great way to look at it. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.


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