Friday, December 4, 2015

Learning to Use What I have on Hand

Ladies this move has been great and rough all at the same time. It has been best for us as a family and my health. It has been tough because the cost of living here is double where we used to live. I have had a really hard time with grocery shopping or any shopping for that matter. Our budget for groceries is so low and it really can't be added to.  This has had me become very creative in the cooking, making, and creating for our home.  The other day we were out of everything. I was trying to utilize everything in my pantry and freezer.  Now, I see the importance of a well stocked pantry. This is my goal at the beginning of the year.

  What can I do to make a good special hearty breakfast? I asked myself the other day. I used pizza dough I had on hand, scrambled the remainder of my eggs, I found a jar of cheese sauce and bacon pieces. I created us a Bacon, Cheese, and Egg Breakfast Pizza.  It was amazing. The kids loved it. It was gone in a few minutes.
I have also learned that I am needing to learn more cooking skills such as making things from scratch. I am excited to learn. I taught myself to cook when we got married and it has been challenging but so much fun. I have had epic wonderful dinners and epic awful ones. *smiles*! Hannah turns 11 this Sunday. She wants Sloppy Joes, Baked Beans, and a cookie cake. Cookie cakes can be so expensive so I am making it.
When you first started stocking you pantry what did you do? Share your tips? Basic list?  I need help and I would love to hear how you stock your pantry.
Here is a neat little site called Scratch with Sandy. I am trying these homemade biscuits this week. Check out the recipe here.
As Always.....Blessings!


  1. Dear Chrissy,
    Your breakfast looks amazing! Plus this could be any meal of the day!
    You know I did a whole year challenge to build up my pantry. I have done a post a week on what I learned. I have to say the US ladies are experts at this. Next year I will continue and will have to start rotating my goods as well.
    I find a big saver is making dough. Dough can become pizza bases, scrolls, buns, bread, rolls and so many things. If you can get hold of a bread maker (often is thrift stores here) that is the easy way. I just make the dough, let it rise and then remove it and turn the bread maker off. Then press it out for pizza or make sweet or savory scrolls.If you already make your own dough then sorry to tell you what you already know...
    Also learning to make my own stock... this adds so much nutrition to meals, soups, rice etc but largely is made of complete left overs! I do it in the crock pot. Jess on Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth posted on Bone Broth. Well that was very good... a lot of tips there and really it adds so much goodness without costing anything!
    I hope you can find things like when the mark downs and sales happen etc. These things can take a while in a new town. I would ask at the stores these questions and hopefully this will help. I do all my shopping in the hours I know our supermarkets mark down the meat! I am there ready to swoop!
    I hope your cookie cake turns out wonderfully! With love,

  2. Annabel,

    I love your posts and they have inspired me in so many ways. The idea about the dough is great. I actually have a breadmaker that I haven't used much. It is time to pull it out. Do I have to use bread flour? Can I make it will regular flour? Love, Chrissy

  3. Chrissy, you can find Annabel's pizza base using plain flour and yoghurt here That sounds so easy. I haven't tried it as yet but do plan to soon.


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