Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas Challenge~Inspiration for Gift Giving

One challenge I do plan to do this year is the Christmas Challenge by The Bluebirds are Nesting. Annabel is an inspiration to me in so many ways. I am so thankful I found her blog. I found her because I was up one night late searching for Laine's Letters (check side bar for a link) for a recipe and I came across her blog. I am ever grateful.

Anyway to learn about the challenge check it our here.

Now, I will follow along to an extent. I will not be making something weekly.  This is not in my season of life at the moment with homeschooling.  I will try but I have set a Monthly goal instead. to start she has encouraged us to put together a workbook of ideas and inspiration, a list of those we need to have gifts for, and etc.

I am so thankful for this challenge. I spent too much in past years because of not being prepared. Also, because I am limited with certain crafting skills (although willing to try) I may do gift baskets, reused or repurposed items and make them personable and such.  Here are links to my projects I plan to do. I would share images but I am not comfortable sharing others images. *Smiles*

I plan to make these Soy Candles from here.

I also plan to make these birdfeeder for my mom and grandmother who are avid birdfeeders and watchers. Check them out here.

Another thing I am so excited to add to this is DIY Painted Dipped Bamboo Utensils. You really have to check these out they are so neat. These would make a great wedding gift or Christmas gift. Check them out here.

One more of my gifts I am so excited to put on my list is Homemade Body Powder and Handmade Powder Puff. I am so excited about this. When I was a little girl my favorite memory when visiting my grandmother is her powder box. I loved taking bath and using the fluffy puff.

I was telling my daughter about this and she was wanting to have some. So, I plan to make these puffs. This is a wonderful step by step youtube video on making the puff's. Check it here.

Are you prepping for future gifts this year?

Chrissy T

**All graphics are found on Graphic Fairy. Com**


  1. I've thought before that it would be good to start early. This is really early! ~grin~ You should enjoy it.

    1. It is. I probably won't get truly started at this point. I like Annabel's Challenge but I will modify it to fit my season. I am just gathering ideas and planning on keeping an eye out for sales and thrift stuff. I was thinking on this last night how I can't just go out and buy the above things (that isn't being thrifty for me) as I don't have stuff like this. But it has got me thinking to keep an eye out at thrift stores, Goodwill, and sales.


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