Monday, January 18, 2016

Deep Clean that Wash Machine & My Cleaner Concotion!

I have been cleaning and doing special tasks around the home this weekend. My laundry room was needing some love. We tend to let this be the catch all place because the room isn't visible and it is back off in the home. My washer was in need of some deep cleaning. I use to weekly wipe down my washer and dryer and also monthly scrub it down. But with our move then I got sick it got neglected. I felt accomplished if I kept my dishes washed, and laundry done.

                                                Before Shots!!!! Don't Judge!!  Smiles!

I started with running a vinegar cycle and then I sprayed it down with a Homemade Everything Cleaner I made. This is my concoction and you may FREELY use it. I don't need any credit for a recipe. *Wink*

My Clean Everything Cleaner

3 TBL of Borax
1 Cup of Vinegar
2 TBL of Dr. Bonner's Lavender Soap or whatever you have on hand
Warm Water
Spray Bottle

I take the Borax  funnel in bottle then fill the bottle a little with warm water and swirl around borax to dissolve then put the vinegar and soap. I then fill the rest up with cool water slowly to keep from suds forming. After that I shake it and then get to spraying.

After I sprayed the washer down (make sure you get those crevices and such) I let it sit for about 30 minutes. I took a scrubbing pad, tooth brush, baking soda and got to scrubbing all the crevices and hidden areas of the wash machine. I then wiped it all down and ran another vinegar cycle. I sprayed it down once more and gave it a good wipe down in and outside of it and dried it all off.

                                                           SO FRESH & CLEAN!!

Sparkle and clean. I will do a gentle wipe down weekly and this deeper cleaning monthly. The wash machines can harbor all kinds of yucky and bacteria. If it is cleaning my clothes I want it to be kept up as fresh and clean as possible.

I then went through all the piles of paper and etc. and straightened up the counter area. I use this for our Home Center to catch bills, paper, and do some office work as needed.

Do you clean your washer and dryer on a regular basis? What do you use??? Please share!!!

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Chrissy T


  1. Looks good!!

    I fill the washer up with hot water and bleach and let it sit for an hour and then let it finish. Then, I do the same but with vinegar and use the vinegar water to clean the surfaces, etc. with a rag and let that all sit for an hour and then let it finish.

    1. Bev,

      I wanted to do this but ran out of bleach. Hope your are well friend.

  2. Yes, I just got through cleaning mine today!
    I filled the tub with water and added bleach and let it sit an hour. Then I rinse it out and drain it, and spray with Holy Cow organic all purpose cleaner, let it sit a few minutes and then I use a plastic scrubber and clean the tub and agitator. I finish by filling the tub with a bit of water and rinsing it down.....all pretty, and clean as a whistle!

    1. Enid,

      Awesome. I have never heard of Holy Cow spray. Awesome. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I usually run vinegar through once a week or so. Now I am wondering if I have yuck lurking around the under edge. Thanks alot Chrissy! ;) I will certainly look at that tomorrow before I start my first load.

    1. Wendi, I use vinegar in my rinse cycle. I have found I don't need to use a softener sheet when I dry the laundry in the dryer and it softens clothes, that, when weather permits, are line dried. Vinegar is a wonderful asset to homemakers isn't it?

    2. Wendi,

      I was shocked when I ran my toothbrush under that rim. I almost threw up. Hahaha! It was filthy. I will make sure I do monthly.

  4. I was almost finished with the last load of laundry when I read this yesterday so I checked and cleaned mine. I wash at least 2 loads of whites with hot water and Clorox weekly and I guess that is why mine was not too bad. I did clean under the rim and the cups, I also used an old toothbrush to clean ridges around the top of the agitator, Then I cleaned the outside of both the washer and dryer- much better! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. I clean my washing machine with vinegar, putting it on the "clean" cycle, and clean and wipe it down with my vinegar/dish soap/water mix... it is always a good feeling to get it cleaned! I wrote down your recipe for cleaning as well!

    Have a wonderful day! :)

    1. It is such a good feeling, isn't it? I love clean!!!

  6. Just added this to my list of things to do! I admit my whole laundry area could use a good cleaning and sprucing up.

  7. Great project! I am sure it felt good to get that done! :)


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