Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Do You Have a Cleaning and Organizing Routine?

Good Day friends,

I hope you are all well.  I am working on creating a routine for cleaning, organizing, and projects. I am curious to know how many of you do anything like this and if so what do you do?

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I could use some motivation.  I used Fly Lady years ago and I like her concept but to be honest it seems like the only thing I ever focused on was cleaning. I have kids I homeschool, health to take care of, and church I am involved in. I can't fit her system in my season. I am sure I could tweak it though. 

I personally like to clean everything in ONE day. So, I can focus on other things through out the week. But my health puts a damper on that sometimes. So, it is time to get some serious routines built back again because things are getting neglected.

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What do you do? Help a friend out. Share with me your cleaning routine. I know all our lives are different but I could use a few fresh ideas.


I have added a tab for books I have read or completed in 2016. If you would like some ideas for great reading material please check it out occasionally.


  1. I've never used Fly Lady. We just try to keep up with things as needed here, sometimes taking time to deep clean rooms. A bit at a time as my friend Brenda says. I used to use index cards with the day on them and a few daily chores. If we couldn't do it that day we just skipped it for the day, and the next day did that card for the current day. We were able to keep things pretty clean that way, with small kids too, and I knew that the house would be generally clean.


    1. Mrs. Rabe,

      I love the idea of just simple index cards. What a great help. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I make a to do list every evening. I have specific days that I do things. Such as:

    Monday: Laundry, sweep & mop kitchen

    Tuesday: Dust living room, vacuum entire house, iron

    Wednesday: Clean bathroom, wash towels

    Thursday: Dust bedrooms, wash sheets

    Friday: Free day/catch up day (if I spend a day running errands that days chores comes to this day)

    Before I start the daily chores I will make beds and tidy the whole house. I also add special projects to my list such as washing windows or baseboards. Whatever I think needs done. I try to keep the list short so it is doable.

    I have seasons where I am better then others at keeping up with this.


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