Friday, January 22, 2016

Frugal & Thrifty Week 4

Good Friday Friends!

This week in the frugal department was very low key as I am practicing to stay home more, and utilize things we have on hand. Also, saying no to eating out has been helpful. We did have one day we ate out but other than that we have ate at home and made things we were craving from eating out. 

I made sliders (mini burgers) to overcome the craving of a burger stop. They were so good. I made cookies for snacks, made yummy cheesy toast besides us stopping for breakfast on a homeschool trip to cooking class which we normally always stop to eat on our way.

I was able to stock up on ground beef that was on sale and 2 whole roasting chickens on sale as well. I also stocked up on chicken breast (5 lbs) I usually make these stretch in a lot of ways. I am not really buying much body products right now so we aren't having to invest in those like normal.

In other words....I make do. I usually like certain face cleaners, moisturizers, lotions, and shampoo's and such. We are just making do with what we have and when we run out I try to find a way to make something homemade to make do. Example I ran out of lotions so I am using coconut oil for lotion and face moisturizer. I am using Amish soap ( I bought a large bag a while back) for my face and body. Normally I have a "fancy" face cleaner. I am using Essential Oils/Herbs for certain things such as medicines and body products.

I am also laying ground rules for the kitchen. One of the biggest issues I have is my kids eating all our goodies (homemade or not) up so quick. I am laying down rules for all of us and setting snack times for my little ones. This week it was such a helpful thing. They knew by the 2nd day I was serious. So, they were anxiously waiting for their snack time. *Smiles*

I am also cutting back on snack and supper portions. Don't worry we are not starving. *Smiles*

I find a Christmas gift on a clearance rack for 50 cents and it was normally $10.99 and it is so nice. I had to go to Michael's for a gift and I found several special keepsakes on their clearance. So, I hardly spent much and then got a future gift.

Besides renting a movie my husband and I wanted to see for a date night we streamed it on PBS so it was free. We had cheese crackers and a classic PBS movie cuddled up for a date night.

I have said no to many outside homeschool activities. Which is hard, but saves a lot of money. I am thinking of ways I can still give my kids some fun opportunities within balance and budget. They normally take a cooking class and they LOVE it and learn so much. But it is quite costly. Although, we forsake all field trips and other activities to do the class. I could save money and invite a few of their homeschool friends over and teach them to cook here at my home (which I do teach them to cook) but I use the day they go to cook class to accomplish things like errands and grocery shopping. I am still in debate on this. We gave up art classes and study that at home. We don't do any field trips right now. So, I feel this class is there only outlet and helps them meet other friends.

I am still in the learning and researching stage of living frugal and I learn everyday different ways to be frugal and try to do something thrifty. It is still tricky and such. But I don't mind trying new things.

I hope you all had a good week.

Blessings Friends!


  1. I find that staying home is one of the greatest ways to save! Not only does it save on gas, but it keeps those impulse buys at bay.

    Great job with savings this week! Remember the more you do these things the more natural it will become for it to be a normal part of your life.

  2. Living frugally does take a complete mindset to make it happen, and fun too. I think having the cooking class in your home sounds wonderful too, if you could have others that come pitch in a dollar or two for supplies, if necessary. Staying home and away from eating-out places is a wonderful way to save money, and recreate meals that you would typically eat out. My favorite recreations are Mexican food and hamburgers. Home fries are so awesome too! Fry them in tallow or lard for a really amazing flavor. I also like to cook large once, and have several meals stretched out from that. This week I made a large pot of beans. The next night I used some of the leftover beans and made a Mexican bean and rice dish served with tortillas. The next night (last night actually, lol!) I made homemade taco salad shells using mashed leftover beans, and leftover bean and rice dish, along with some lettuce, tomato and avocado. It is awesome to do this. I wish you the best! You are doing such a great job with what you have, and I love coming here to visit you and see what you are doing :) Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I appreciate your visits and comments. I always smile when I see you have visited. That is awesome about the beans. WOW!!!!!

  3. Love all theses idea. Google free places to take your little ones on for a field trip. National parks are usually free. Staying home more is a great savings. We make do with what we have also. I don't buy things until we use it all up. Love these post Take care Friend

    1. Teresa,

      That was my next plan. Thanks for reminding me. I wanted to google free places and trips. Have a great weekend.

  4. I'm new to your blog so please forgive me if you have already talked about this. When I was homeschooling my boys (4th grade-12th), we formed a co-op and all of us taught different subjects that we were familiar with. We also got together with one other family to do our writing classes with and our kids eventually even formed a band with these same kids. :) We did do field trips with some of the kids from the co-op, but tried to plan the majority of them to be either free or very low cost. We toured dams, went to a birds of prey show, learned about stars at a planetarium at one of the colleges, toured a fish hatchery and then had a picnic down at a park on the river..all for free!

    1. Hi Debbie!!! I haven't talked about it on my blog. But just the other day I was talking with another mom that was trying to cut some things in the money area. We were talking about this. Thank you for sharing!!! Thanks for visiting!!!

  5. We had a quiet week as well. We have been cutting out eating out as well. It is funny how easy it becomes a habit versus a treat like it should be. Again, baby steps in the right direction!


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