Thursday, January 28, 2016

Going with the Flow

Hello all!

This week has been a little challenging in the homeschool department but it happens. I am thankful I do get to spend time with my children and invest in them. Sometimes though I feel as maybe I am not the most suitable! I am reminded of God's Grace and how His word says He will complete His work in me until His return. Praise the LORD!

                                            A cute Mississippi Door Hanger I got for $1.

My oldest who attends our church Christian High School had earned a free day and decided to take it off. So, we slept in a little today. Which I needed because I haven't slept well in 3 nights. I slept HORRIBLE last night.  It was a blessing this morning when I woke him and he asked if he could use his free day. He loves school and doesn't like to miss but I think he was super tired.

I made Hot Cocoa for my little man and I. Mainly for me to enjoy with my bible time which was delayed because of my youngest fellow (early riser).


I made Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast. These are a favorite here.

I love the morning view out of our kitchen window. I love watching the ducks and geese. They are so fun to watch. But sometimes a distraction because my kids watch them while doing school and loose train of thought. *Smiles*

Today I just went with the Flow!!! I ended up napping this afternoon.  I dislike Insomnia. I go through bouts of it here and there. Of course, I was feeling so much better until this. I may have to cut the tea out. I don't do coffee or soda's. I love my TEA!!!

On a different note......Please consider joining the Book Swap. You can find information here. There really is no cost (you swap books you own) except shipping and this can be a fun way to join in on my challenge of mailing something encouraging or fun to someone.

I have read some great books this month. Always feel free to check my page in the top tab bar on the books I am reading. I record them there. I update often.

My January Favorite Reads are..........

I will share with you tomorrow!!!!



  1. A lovely day... sleeping in is always a treat! Cinnamon rolls are a favorite weekend breakfast at our home too. I am happy to be joining up with your book swap, it sounds exciting! :)

  2. You have an amazing view! I love water views!

    1. Thank YOU! It is pretty. I often get refreshed just looking at it. :)


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