Monday, January 25, 2016

Making My Week Manageable & You can TOO!

Good Monday everyone!!!

Now that I am feeling much better it is time to get our home back in order and create some simple flow. I have been working on this for about 3 weeks. I wanted to share what has been working for me.

After reading many letters from Laine, and drawing from the old memory bank of when I first became a homemaker years ago I decided to do something super simple and by doing it I am so surprised at how much I am getting accomplished.

                                                     Weekend Cozy Time!!!

After years of trying to make a Homemaking Binder (which ARE AWESOME) and such I always found myself overwhelmed and also felt I never actually used the binder. I would spend time and money creating one only for it to sit on the shelf weeks later. One of my issues I had was that I had very high ambitions. I would follow different people's schedules, cleaning plans, and etc. It NEVER worked because their life isn't mine and mine isn't theirs. Our seasons may have been different or they may have had a bigger home or more demand for spotless than I did.

I started to recreate the binder of few weeks ago and I just couldn't get into it. So, I used Laine's advice and wrote out the basics that HAD to be done for our home to be smooth and orderly.

I then took 7 index cards (large ones) I wrote the days of the week at the top and then I also created weekly Zones. I chose a room or area as a Zone. Everyday always has a prompt to work on the Zone. Even if it is one drawer, basket, or a full 30 minutes of deep cleaning something gets done weekly in every area of my home.

I simple wrote out the chores I felt needed to be done, days for shopping, and my main cleaning day and put them on the index cards. I always add a Zone chore to a day. I will do it based on other things going on. I also keep a To-Do list to write things we have going on, supper plans, reminders and such.

I chose to keep it simple. It is silly to think I can deep clean an area on the day I choose to grocery shop, prep food, and run errands. I also homeschool and I need to be reasonable that this would not work.

Having a Basic outline has been helping me so much. Also, having the Zone Chores are helping in deeper cleaning and decluttering. I can rest my mind knowing that I will cover all the rooms eventually and to try to maintain weekly order so that when my Zone area comes it isn't so overwhelming.

 With cards that have bigger projects such as Friday is my Bless the Home day (Main Cleaning) I wrote the chores on the back of that card.

Granted...I will say this is a tad easier for me because even though I was a little all over the place with our routines and flow most of the home had some order to it. So, if your home is very chaotic (which I have had happen) I would take a few days to organize, declutter, and get a basic NOT PERFECT workable order of your home so that you can keep your system simple and the Zone work will not be overwhelming.

I hope this may help some one. do you plan your weekly chores???

Blessings Friends!


  1. What a great simple idea. I am also working on chore list and thinking on how I want to organize each area of the home. In time it will be whipped into shape. Thanks for sharing you idea. I love the title Bless the Home Day!!

  2. I find that simple works best for me. I have a binder but I don't use it often. When I found a routine that worked and got use to it I didn't pull out the binder anymore.

    I am getting ready to declutter again. Chuck is suppose to bring me home some empty boxes. I can't wait to lighten the load and create some more space!

  3. I have a daily task list, and I check off as I complete each task. If there is a item that remains unchecked I put a zero beside it, and leave it for another day.
    I have a small notebook on my nightstand, that I use to add seasonal chores, such as, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, yard maintenance, etc.
    If I don't write down these things, my mind feels cluttered and I don't stay focused on the tasks on hand, or the future!

  4. What a great idea! You are so right, trying to follow someone else's idea of keeping your home clean is not always easy, because their lifestyle and home are not the same as yours. Customizing your cleaning schedule and sticking to it as you can works much better. I have a to-do list that I follow and since our home is quite small now, I can easily clean my entire house in an hour or so. I have one day for laundry, when I get all the laundry done for the week. I tidy everything as I go, and deep clean as the need arises. I enjoyed reading about your schedule, and ideas for getting things done.

    Your home is very lovely, and I loved your cozy area around the fireplace!

    It always feels so wonderful when your home is clean! :) Have a great day!


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