Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Prayers Please~A CALL to 911 and an Ambulance Ride


I got up and was so excited that we were going to have a great first of the week. I did morning devotional and prayer. I made muffins, put on laundry, we made beds and then the kids gathered around the table for bible.

We talked over our school plans, then I wrote our scripture on our board. As this point I decided I would do a little bounce on a mini trampoline right by the kitchen table to get some exercise.

Now let me back up to say I woke up Saturday feeling amazing. Like I had so much energy. I haven't had this in months. I wrote about that this in my Weekend post. Anyway, late Saturday night I woke up with my left calf killing me. Deep sharp burning pain. I thought maybe it was from me walking around the lake. It kept me up all night but Sunday I still got up and went to church. I was tired and the pain was not as bad but there. After church I started to have chest pains. I thought maybe it was because I drank some sweet tea. Because I haven't been drinking a lot of caffeine.

Sunday night I was really sleepy and went to bed and then Monday morning I just had to FORCE myself to get up. I wanted so badly to have a good Monday. I was really weak and tired but I pushed through it.

Then I told you what I did above. Now, after I got down bouncing, I felt really winded. I couldn't catch my breath. I began to have a sharp pain in my left arm, neck, and in the middle of my sternum, I couldn't even breathe.  I sat down and began to pray. I called my kids to pray with me. I thought I was going to pass out. I could barely talk. I told my daughter to get a notepad and I wrote down our address and information (God gave me this strength). I explained to her that mommy was having bad chest pains and that I couldn't catch my breath. I could walk or barely talk. Then my 8 year old son started crying because he said my lips were blue and I was real gray pale. I told him to run to the neighbors, and for Hannah to call 911.  They did so good. They were so upset, crying and all but so very brave. My daughter then called my husband. The ambulance was here in a 5 minutes. They were wonderful and so was my neighbors. My heart rate was 150 to181 and it wouldn't come down. So, they gave me baby asprin, and loaded me on the ambulance, hooked me up and there I went. My emt's were so wonderful and kind. My heart would keep going real high and then drop real low. It was so scary. I kept thinking about death and my kids.  To be honest I  don't remember a lot after I got to the hospital. I was suppose to be kept overnight but with some medicine I was able to stabilize it. They sent me home.

But I am extremely tired, loopy, and my chest still hurts. I have a road to recover. I am once again sad because it feels every time I gain ground in my health I am back to square one. Oh well. I will overcome in the Lord.

Prayers please!!!


  1. Oh, my sweet friend, I am praying for you! It hasn't been that long since I was at the ER with a heart issue. Scary stuff! Take it easy.

  2. Oh wow Chrissy I will be praying for you. Take Care friend.

  3. Goodness me, Chrissy. How scary for you and your family. At first I thought you were going to say you had a thrombosis, then it sounded like you were having a heart attack. If you have been sent home obviously that didn't happen. I will definitely keep you in my prayers and hope that your health really improves this year. Big hugs.

  4. The almost exact thing happened to me last Sunday morning. I woke up with pain in my calf there was a lump near the back side of my knee. I also had a feeling that I shouldn't get up I was extremely exhausted and I didn't feel right. I also had chest pain! I was going to try to make church but something kept saying that I needed to stay in bed. Finally my husband prayed and said that I was going to stay in bed and he was going to stay home with me too and he texted our pastor to pray and my pastor responded that God had already laid me on his heart to pray! That encouraged me greatly because I knew that God and already had the man of God pray for me and whatever this was it was going to be ok.

    I ended up falling asleep slept till about 3 in the afternoon and when I woke up the lump in my calf was gone and so was my chest pain!

    I've had blood clots in my legs in the past but this felt close to what a heart attack coming on would feel like. I've already been dealing with heart palpitations since my hysterectomy and mentioned it to my doctor. I ended up reading many many stories of women who were considered too young to have heart attacks and they shared their symptoms that came on even months before they had heart attack. A lot of what I've been feeling are there exact stories they went through some cut stressor and then it was after that when they said everything was fine that they had their heart attack. I'm saying all that just to tell you to definitely rest and take it easy because you've been through a lot and you more susceptible to having a heart attack or stroke. I'm definitely not trying to scare you but I believe we have so much in common and our personalities are so alike that there must be a reason our paths crossed lol!

    I prayed for you tonight and shared it with my husband also. We thought it was so crazy that I just went through that last Sunday morning although I wasn't jumping on a trampoline..I had just woken up lol.

    1. Sorry for the typos...I'm writing this from my microphone on my cell phone. I meant to say that women who had heart attacks had went through a major life stressor before their symptoms.. then heart attacks.

  5. I hope you are feeling better soon! Will be sending prayers your way.

  6. Thank you everyone. Prayers are appreciated. I am very weak.

  7. Just reading this now...

    Lord, Heavenly Father... I lift this dear sister to you! So much and so scary...so sudden! I pray that you would calm her heart and keep her gaze on you through this time. I thank you for her kids being close by and available, for their bravery through this scary time of mommy not feeling well. (I can relate to this!) Oh Lord... you know what is going on. You know if there if further testing that needs to be done. I pray Lord, that you would keep your hand on Chrissy and that you would sustain them with strength and peace... as she recovers. May she be able to rest - as needed. Lord - we just lift her to you!! Thank you, Father, for hearing and answering our prayers!

    I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers..my friend!

    1. Bevy,

      This prayer has meant so much to me. It has brought tears to my eyes and I am ever so thankful for this prayer!!!!!!

  8. Oh Mrs, T.! I will most certainly be praying for you. Just keep leaning on The Lord for strength and healing.
    Much love in Christ,
    Ps. Even though my Scripture Swap is now closed, you could still join it if you'd like and swap with me. :) Leave me a comment if you would. :)


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