Thursday, January 14, 2016

Soft and Easy White Bread Machine Bread

I shared this past Monday about how I how I dug out the old bread machine and tried a loaf of bread and it turned out wonderful. I have made several loaves in the machine in the past and I was never happy. The loaves were either too crusty, crunchy, no flavor, or just okay.

I scored big time with this recipe and wish I could take the credit but I can't. I found this recipe on Just a Pinch Recipes. I followed exactly (except I used All Purpose) what the recipe called for and said.  My loaf turned out amazing. I was so happy. The kids and hubby ate it up. We all wished we had some yummy Apple Butter when we ate it. Instead I served it with Pasta.

Here are the ingredients and directions. But if you have a chance to check out Just a Pinch Recipes please do!   **UPDATE*** I have tweaked this a bit!!!!

1 c   warm water (110 degrees f)    

2 Tbsp white sugar   

1 pkg bread machine yeast (equals 2 1/4 teaspoon)     

1/4 c vegetable or olive oil   

3 c  bread flour  ( I used All Purpose and it was perfect)

1 tsp  salt
Place all my liquid in the loaf pan then I put my flour, salt, and sugar. I make a well in the center (DO NOT get close to liquid) and then sprinkle yeast in the well.

Enjoy with a yummy meal or a even a cup of coffee and jam. It is perfect for both.


  1. Dear Chrissy, This looks really good! I am so glad you found a recipe your family love. If you get the dough out before baking and roll it out you have pizza bases! Or out early and roll into balls and bake and you have dinner rolls or lunch rolls! This is so useful. I hope you are feeling much better too! With love

    1. Annabel,

      That is a great idea. Thank you for sharing this. I am feeling a lot better. Praise God.

  2. Good morning, sweet Chrissy!

    There is nothing quite like fresh homemade bread. My dear grandma Betty always made bread and she always hummed while working in the kitchen - such sweet memories :)

    Your blog is simply delightful and I am very happy to be following along :) Have a blessed weekend! Hugs

    1. Stephanie,

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I am glad you found me. Welcome!


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