Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Love Letter

Love is patient....Love is Kind....Love endures.....Love doesn't boast.....Love is all this and so much more. God is LOVE! Jesus...Oh...How Beautiful His LOVE!

I have often struggled with comprehending this amazing LOVE the Lord gives as it is not what I am used to. Usually loves always comes with a price, selfish antics, or short term for some. I am thankful I have been gifted to know the Love of Christ, the Love of my faithful godly husband, and the sweet innocent love of my children. I am thankful God has blessed me.

I tell you how sweet the Love of children can be. I can mess up all day long, I can not be so loving in deed or words, and at times fail to show them the love they deserve but my children always LOVE me. I ask for forgiveness of them when I mess up because I think we should do this as parents. I also expect the same from them because it teaches the beauty of grace and forgiveness. It never fails though after I have asked for their forgiveness their sweet hands touch my face and say you are a good mommy, I love you, it is okay mommy....Oh, how I could be like this in my adult years. I try, I aim, but often fail.

Love is unconditional. It is persevering. It is forgiving. It is selfless. Love is fun. Love is a risk but worth taking. Love is powerful.

One of  the things I long for is to truly LOVE the LORD! I mean truly LOVE Him. Like Laine (my online mentor although she doesn't know) teaches really if we want to be like Christ we have to spend time with Him. We have to dig in His word. Sit at His feet. Walk with Him in our "Martha" moments. But you can't do that without having "Mary" moments.

If we want to love our husbands, children, family, neighbors, church family well...IT MUST BEGIN with a LOVE FOR CHRIST so that LOVE may dwell within us and radiate to others.

I understand this post is a little deeper than normal for Keeping Home Blog. But I can't "Keep My Home" properly if I don't have a LOVE for Jesus and for the things of Him.

Yes....we can have perfectly organized drawers, a wonderful routine (I DON'T), cook from scratch, do all things great, but if we forget to leave the love out...it is like a tinkling cymbal. *Smiles* I want everything I do to bring Him Glory, Shine His Love, and I want to be Wrapped in Him.


Challenge for you friends....today find time to grab a cup of tea, pen, and paper. Write a love letter to the Lord. Stick it in your Bible or Journal. Look back over it when you get in a rush, drought, or go through a trial.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share. Of you have a blog, share your special time creating your Love Letter. You don't have to share your actual letter but about the special time writing it.

Chrissy T


  1. Wonderful post! I believe that if we truly love Christ then we will want to do thing to show our love and please Him. Just as when we are in love with our husband that we do special things to bring him joy. In acting in a way that pleases Him it will flow over into all aspects of our lives. Am I living this? Oh no! I fall so short, but I am striving to love the way we are commanded by Christ.

    P.S. I hope that your day is much better today!

  2. How funny that you mention a love letter to the Lord! At a ladies tea party last year we did just that, we were given paper and pen to write a love letter to the Lord, and I just found it in my bible this week! Indeed, our love for the Lord cannot ever compare to His love for us... but oh the joy of worshiping Him, and praising Him for His goodness, and the joy that comes from having His love inside us. None of us are perfect, but with His spirit within us... we are being perfected :) Wonderful post!

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