Friday, February 26, 2016

Can Homemaking Become an Idol?

I know this is a touchy post title. I know some might disagree or not fully understand where I may be coming from. But I can not shirk the fact that I felt impressed to write this post for a while now.

You see....I believe it can. I believe that if not careful that we can get so caught up in homemaking that it can become an idol. I also believe that we can say we are doing it for the Lord and I believe we are but at times we do get caught up in our own agenda.

I am not saying we need to shirk our responsibility as a homemaker. I do believe we need to manage our homes wisely but I do think we need to stop and check ourselves.

How can you tell if homemaking is becoming an idol?

1. You think about your home all the time. Projects, to-do's, cleaning, chores, DIY's, and things of this nature consume your life.You find it hard in your time with God to shut down your mind and focus on Him. 

2. You spend more time cleaning, decorating, organizing your home than you do investing in your family, others, and community. I am not saying these things above does not add blessings to your family but you spend A LOT of time doing these things besides having a cup of tea at the table with a child needing an eye to eye conversation.

3. You spend more money on books about homemaking and the such than you do on helping those in need. Touchy! I know! But if we can spend $10 on ANOTHER homemaking book and know we have a sister in need of a meal and say we don't have the money to do it....hmmm.  Just a thought. I do love a good book don't get me wrong. I am just saying if we have to do one or the other what would you do? Does your kid need a date with you? Is there a "happy" you can bless someone with beside you buying more for your homemaking purposes?

4. We use homemaking as an excuse to not be helpful in other areas. I believe our homes should be in order before we start journeying the town spending time outside the home to help others and such but we must not use this excuse to not get out of our comfort zones and be a light to the world. Take your kids along. Teach them to be Jesus to a hurting world.

5. We spend hours or days fretting on all we can't get done. Then spend hours or days reading, and researching ways to be more productive. All the time God says to us....Just Breathe...Just BE!

6. We have turned homemaking into in idol when we are stressed, fretful, annoyed, and aggravated when life hits, interruptions happen...such as a child that wants to play or read with us, a sister in Christ needs a coffee date, or your husband wants to make plans the day you have scheduled to clean your garage.

Ladies...I love homemaking. I love having a home in decent order. But I will be honest at times I am guilty of all of the above and it has been placed upon my heart that it has become an idol. Ever had those days when you just got finished cleaning, organizing, or etc only for someone to come in and spill something, or get a toy out, and you feel your blood boil?  I have. Time for a heart check. In the grand scheme of it all will is this an eternal issue?

 I don't want to be so caught up in cleaning our home, decorating it, organizing it, stocking it, and scheduling it that it becomes a HOUSE not a HOME.

I was quite nervous about this post but I knew I had to write it. I have given this blog to the Lord and I want to be obedient. I am not saying that homemaking isn't important. I am also not saying we should put outside activities before our homes I am saying we need to check or motives.

Bless you all!


  1. Very good post and I agree! Anything can become an idol - even grooming LOL! I've had to fight things over the years that have tried to take the top spot, things like fitness, nutrition, education, personal appearance/clothes, etc. We just have to always be mindful and careful and examine ourselves and check things to see what place they have in our lives. I find in this day and age, it is so easy to be distracted from what we should be doing that is most important. I know some who have left church to pursue their "gods" of fitness, business or whatever else took their eyes of Jesus. Enjoyed reading your post!

  2. Good Post! I know how hard to get out of my "regimen" of housework or "My List" to pay attention to others needs. I've had a stomach bug, and it was a doozy, so my house hasn't been cleaned, except for some essentials, and you know what? It didn't look too bad when I dusted and vacuumed today! Now, Do you think God was trying to show me something??

  3. I enjoyed reading your post and seeing where you went with it.. I must say that I agree with you and although housecleaning perse is not a problem for me.. lol.. Buying magazines and such used to be one.. I would justify it by saying it was for my business but in reality I just loved them.. It was such a good point that a sister could use the ten dollars.. I have made an effort to curtail my spending on such and have improved a lot.. There is still lots of room for more, though.. Thanks for sharing your heart, my dear.. xo

  4. Yes, homemaking can most definitely become an idol like anything else. I think, however, most of us can probably improve on our homemaking.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Please drop by and say hello!
    Harvest Lane Cottage
    ...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
    on a short shoestring budget!

  5. Thank you all for responding so sweetly.

  6. Thank you for sharing your heart, Chrissy. Confession is good for the soul, and God's grace is always sufficient. I am so thankful to know that! :)

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes! This could be applied to many things in our lives. With my all or nothing personality this could easily become my idol. It isn't easy to share ones heart, but I am so glad you did.

    1. I know I have gotten caught up in so much...even homemaking. While things are good for us we must always check out motives. I struggle with this. But it has been many other things in this life of mine at other times.

  8. So true Chrissy, and makes me think of the saying "moderation in all things". I think sometimes as keepers of the home we tend to be more Martha-like than Mary, because of the needs of our family, and sometimes it is hard to set aside the cobwebs, dust, and dirty dishes to just enjoy moments with our family! I grew up in a home where it was expected that when the last bite of food was in your mouth, you were carrying the dishes to the sink, and starting to do dishes. And I carried that into our married life, until one day my husband stopped me and said, dishes will wait. Sit and visit with me a while. So I did. It was hard at first! And I have learned that dishes will wait. Precious moments won't. I'll get to the dishes eventually. But now, we linger around the table and enjoy each other, and the dishes still get done. It was a good lesson for me. Yes, we can be too busy being Martha's and feel that we don't have time to be a Mary, but I think a bit of both is good for us. Finding that balance is crucial, although at times difficult.

    Blessings to you today dear Chrissy! :)

  9. Good post, yes just as anything it can become that. There are many times I grab my keys and shut the door to our home and say it will keep. Today I am spending time with my daughters they will not keep. Family lst!! Have a great evening Chrissy.


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