Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Ponderings

Hello Dear Friends!!! I hope you all have a had a good week. I surely was blessed by visiting with long distance friends on our recent trip. I had a lovely time with my dear friend, Leigh Anna. She gifted me with yummy pumpkin bread. It was super moist and hit the spot. I do love my friend and I do love her bread.

This upcoming week should bring some mild warmer weather. I plan to tackle of few cleaning, homemaking, and organizing projects. I need to get some areas in order for they are causing a lack of peace and I do not like that.

My husband's birthday is Tuesday. I will be cooking his favorite meal which is meatloaf, mashed pots, peas, and cornbread. I haven't decided on a gift yet but I have one in mind. He really is a difficult person to purchase for. I can't explain why he just is. He doesn't have a lot of hobbies and the like so gifts like this isn't an option. He isn't a person that is materialistic. He isn't into electronics. can be tricky. I am thinking a nice tie and shirt for church. Yet, I always do that. Hmmmm....I am pondering this today.

We took last week off from school for our trip and I am debating about taking this week off and doing our spring cleaning so that when "TRUE SPRING" comes we are not stuck in the home cleaning, organizing, and the such. I can use spring to do fun lessons, picnics, field trips, and such. I am planning to school a little in the summer since we had to take off days in the for moving in August, and my sickness in October and December.

I can't help but I have an itch to get things in order with the home. I find I school better, function better, and we all have better attitudes when the home has organization and order. I am pondering this today as school or not school... that is the question. Half days don't work well for me because I am and all or nothing lady and I like to focus on one thing and delcutttering takes time and energy.

What is on you mind today? Of course I do have the goodness of the Lord on my mind!!!




  1. Chrissy, pumpkin bread sounds yummy. A friend gave me a huge Queensland Blue pumpkin on Saturday and we have some Butternuts growing as well which are smaller. I will have to find some good recipes.

    1. Nanna Chel,

      What a blessing from your friend. There are so many yummy recipes for pumpkin and butternuts. Have fun creating.

  2. I'm the same way! When things are disorganized and cluttered, I have a really hard time tackling other things. I have been feeling the urge to start spring cleaning because we've had a couple of unusually sunny and warm days lately, which always put me in the cleaning mood.

  3. I too have been thinking a lot about cleaning, clutter, and organizing. I think the spring brings a new bit of energy!

  4. I cleaned my home extremely well this past Saturday..the weather may me do it. (ha-ha) It was Sunny and in the 70's. I did some more purging as well. So, today with a very clean home...I am cleaning out cabinets, cleaning the oven and the fridge. Course I did this after home-school. We hope to be out of school by April 1oth. Looking forward to a long spring and summer break. Have a blessed day my Friend.

    1. Teresa,

      That is wonderful. That sounds like a lovely break to look forward to indeed.

  5. You've got a lot on your mind. I hope you find the perfect gift. We haven't had winter, so I'm not sure if I'm ready for spring.


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