Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Catch Up

Hello everyone!  I had a lovely visit with my mother. We had so much fun. Laughter, shopping, eating, and staying up way too late. I am tired as all get out. I am spending this day being "Intentionally Slow". We did school, laundry, basic chores, and such. House is in order, and supper is planned. We plan to do hamburger steaks, potatoes, and a veggie.

I got a lot done last week although I felt a little overwhelmed by the end of the week I am thankful things were accomplished. I am still working on BLESSING OUR HOME for the MARCH Challenge. I just kind of lost track of counting days because I don't do things on Sunday's or days that are super "Kid Busy". I will say though I have gotten a lot of the things I have been eager to do for months now. It feels like a load lifted.

This month I told you all I wanted to tackle my children's rooms. I have gotten Hannah's all finished, organized, and complete. I plan to spend the next two weeks tackling the boys. It probably won't take that but because I will be caring for a Brother In Law who will have surgery this week, Easter Prepping, and life I figured I needed a realistic time set.

I pray you all are well. Do you have any goals for the remainder of March you plan to accomplish?



  1. Hello Chrissy,
    You have been a busy lady, but it sounds as if you really have been enjoying your days and that's wonderful!

    I have gotten most of my closets cleaned and reorganized...still a way to go yet.

    And the yard is almost ready for planting and growing things again so I guess my to do list is almost done.

    Soon I will just sit back and enjoy the sparkle and shine.

    Hoping this week is a blessing for you and your family,


    1. Shirley,

      That sounds so good...sit and enjoy the sparkle. Have a great week...friend.

  2. So nice to spend a day with your mama... Supper sounds great, too.. I have lots of chores to do but laundry took over my day along with cooking meals and planning our Easter... God bless ..xo

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit! I still have tons of things I want to get done. I am dying to get out and work in my flower beds. You know the midwest... the warm up isn't quite here to stay... so I will be as patient as I can be. As always, I have plenty to keep me busy. :)

    1. I do know the Midwest and I know that spring bug that bites and you have to just hold on to it until the weather works.

  4. We have been intentionally slow at our home too. It is very needed and appreciated after a busy week.
    I hope you get all your March into March goals made, but if not, you can finish them in April :)

  5. Mrs.Chrissy
    how wonderful to come and visit you, your posts are always so inspiring to me !

    Hope you're having a blessed week,
    I'm sending much love to you for wishing you a Happy Easter ahead !


    1. Dany,

      Thank you. I always love when you visit!!!


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