Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Small Steps Make Big Dents ~ Day 2 of March Challenge

I made a few small steps Monday! YAY!!  I made some dentist appointments I have been putting off. I am not sure why. It isn't like it takes a long time to make an appointment. I did have to find a new dentist that accepts our new insurance that can be tricky. But we got that squared away. We are all set up.

                                              Taking a little stroll for our recess!

                                                        Loving this weather! 

I cleaned out our little homeschool cabinet. I am blessed with a small cabinet in our kitchen to store our daily homeschool materials. As a home that has school in it we can accumulate a lot...A LOT...of books. I went through old curricula and books and gave a lot away today. AHHH....felt good.



I made a donation drop off of items I cleaned out of our garage. I cleaned our garage Saturday. It was a job. I am glad that we got this done. It was one of those areas that always drove me crazy. Yet I kept putting it off. I got all my grocery shopping done fro the week. YAY!

I am starting to see a pattern of my issues of the lack of order in our home. PROCRASTINATION!!!! I have always been a all or nothing person. You have heard me mention this a great deal. But it is a issue and I am training this myself this month to accomplish small steps to make BIG dents.

Challenge TODAY.....What have you been procrastinating? A drawer? To make an appointment? Balance the check book? Clean your purse? Choose something you have been putting off and tackle it TODAY!

I hope you all have a great day!


  1. I know all about the homeschool stuff, ours is swallowing us up LOL! I'm saving everything for my son, who is 3, and it is a lot of stuff! It doesn't make sense to get rid of it because we will be using it in about 2 years and then on but wow, storing it all and then buying the next year for my daughter, just adds more with none going out. However, I decided that it was important to me to have what we have, so I will learn to live with it. ;-)

    I did manage to get rid of an old purse today. It was beat up, worn, ragged but it was my favorite purse but I started becoming embarrassed if anyone saw it while I was out LOL! It was that bad! I finally emptied it and threw it in the trash. I think I've had it for 12 years, so I got good use out of it.

    I also managed to go through some piles laying around and plan on doing more tomorrow.

    1. YAY!!! Speaking of purses I have few I need to do the same!

  2. I plan to visit the donation line at the thrift store frequently for the next couple of weeks. In a few I am going to start deep cleaning the kitchen and then work my way through my home. Once I get started I realize that the task like your cabinet really takes little time for the amount of satisfaction once it is complete. I laughed about your purse. I am the same way! My previous purse had the strap repaired until I couldn't piece it back together anymore. Best wished tackeling your piles!

  3. My list is long for procrastination...yikes! As for cleaning out a purse...I just turn my purse over and pour all the contents out on my bed. Then return what needs to stay. My husbands laughs at me each time he see me cleaning it out this way.

  4. I think procrastination is a problem that hounds the best of us, lol! I find that writing lists of things that I need to do help me stay on task and get things done. I enjoy crossing items off my list! Your homeschool cabinet organization turned out great, and how awesome that you were able to donate the materials too! Ebay is also another great resource if you have $$ tied up in the books and would like to make a bit of it back. Your stroll looked wonderful too, such lovely weather - no coats, wow! :)


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