Monday, April 4, 2016

Intentional Monday

I have heard the word "Intentional" used a lot. I remember a few years ago I went on a kick of trying to live a more intentional life. Being purposeful. I looked the meaning up for a clear meaning and our friend Webster says it means...

deliberate, calculated, planned, conscious, intended

Hmmm.  I think on the most part I have tried to live intentional but I could always aim for some more intentional living in certain areas.

There are benefits to living intentional! Not living haphazardly.  You miss out on the smell of roses, sweet moments, laughter, hugs, and "time" when you are not intentional.


There are some areas that I feel I need to be more intentional in. I have been INTENTIONAL in having daily time with the Lord for quite a while. My heart is transformed, my outlook, and my purpose.

Because of my time in the Lord I feel Him making me aware a need to live out intentional in other areas as well. Each week in April I will post on Monday what I plan to be intentional about and I will share my thoughts on it the following week.

This week Marriage!!!!  I will be intentional in marriage by investing in it. Praying daily for specifics we need. Praying for ways to daily encourage my husband.....AND ENCOURAGE HIM! I will plan a special time for us to spend together this week. Something unique! I will listen to him and not just talk, talk, and talk!!!

What is the importance of intentionally living?  Because like I mentioned above living haphazardly leads to hazards and neglect in one area or another. Benefits are better relationships, better spending, better health, better time with the Lord.  Betterment all around.

What could you be more intentional this week in?  Marriage, parenting, health, homemaking, frugal living, relationships (friendships, church family, outside family), ministries you have been called to such as Sunday School, Titus 2 mentoring, and such.

I challenge you share what you could be more intentional in/with and set a few SMALL goals to work on it.



  1. I have been thinking about this also.
    I want to be much more intentional with my health and the health of my family. I am now meeting with a friend on a weekly basis and we are studying and learning something new each week as far as meal prep and changing our eating habits to include greater amounts of fresh produce and fermented foods. This week we are learning how to grow fresh wheat grass and making fermented drink like kombucha.
    All new stuff for me but I am anxious to learn.
    Have a glorious week dear Chrissy.

    1. What a blessing to have a friend to do that with. Great intentional living.

  2. A wonderful post to start my week. : )
    I shall join you in being more intentional in my marriage.
    I sometimes find I hear my dear hubby speak, but am so busy I don't actually hear what he says! Thanks for the inspiration! Have a cozy day.: )

    1. Billie Jo,

      I understand. I need to work on that too!!! You have a blessed day!!

  3. Being intentional about your marriage is wonderful! As a busy mom and homemaker making sure I listen to hubby is very important. It is easy to say "um hum" while he is talking and I am busy with another task. :) Something I can certainly work on!

  4. What a beautiful thought to share... living intentionally is a wonderful thing. Spending time with the Lord is time that is blessed, and such a joy to do.. praying for you dear friend, that the Lord blesses all you do for Him and your family! :)


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