Friday, April 1, 2016

Is it REALLY.....APRIL?!?!

I will be honest time is flying to me. I wanted to pop on and say hello to you all and greet you with a Happy April Prayer!

Our March was good and I accomplished many things I have put off for a while.  I kicked off March strong but didn't finish as strong as I wanted. I kind of fizzled out of energy and then life also happened. *Smiles* On the most part I am pleased with things I got done.

I have some goals for April but I hope to pace them a little better.  *Smiles*

I will share more on my goals next week but for now I am enjoying this day, reading, and resting.

Blessings friends. HAPPY APRIL!!!


  1. Enjoy your reading and resting! Sometimes we just need that down time. :)

    Have a beautiful weekend~~

  2. Dear Chrissy! I will surely continue praying for you, dear one. Whatever you are facing, God is surely with you, and He will give you strength. I know how it feels to keep fighting against things are trying to drag us down, and the Lord keeps bringing the word "persevere" to my mind and reminding me to endure hardness as a good soldier. But, I must admit, it is SO hard sometimes. My heart is with you, and I am praying for you and lifting you to the Father. He knows your needs, and He loves you SO much! I do, too. Keep encouraged, sweet friend. Heaven will surely be worth it all.

  3. Good morning Chrissy,

    That is an adorable photo of your children all dressed up (sidebar).

    I have high hopes for April - new month, a fresh start!

    Happy Saturday!


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