Friday, April 8, 2016

Raising TEENAGERS - HELP Please!!

Hello sweet readers! I want to write a few posts in the upcoming months on teenagers. I know I have mixed readers. I am asking those that have raised teenagers to email me some information so I can put some posts together. 

1. What are some things you & your spouse did that you felt made a huge impact for the good of your teenagers to help them become successful (GODLY) men an women?

2. What are some things you would have done different if given the chance? This can remain private if you choose. I just would like advice on this. To see if it is something I need to reconsider in our raising.

Also, if you are in this season with me WHAT are some things you may be doing you feel is helping and what are some areas you need help in?

I am in the throws of TEENAGE HOOD! I need my Titus 2/Mentor Wiser women to step up and share. Please!!!!

My email is

Thank you so much!


  1. Dear Chrissy, I feel sure you are doing a great job...more than you give yourself credit for. The very fact that you are humble enough to ask for advice speaks volumes. God is with you, and He will grant you the wisdom you need for each moment and challenge. I am right there with you, and my only hope is to fall hard upon the grace and mercies of God every, single day. If I had any advice to give it is to PRAY...not just for them, but WITH them. I spend many an hour in prayer (literally) with our precious son. God is our only hope. May He uphold you during this season and make it pleasurable for you and a time that you will look back upon with many sweet memories. :)

  2. Chrissy, my only advice is to keep your teens in prayer and to choose your battles wisely.


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