Friday, July 1, 2016

Just a Little Pop In

Hello everyone!!!! I first want to say thank you for those that privately emailed me and checked on me over the last few months. I know my departure from the blog was sudden. I had a streak of daily posting for a few months and then I pretty much vanished.

Reasons for this VANISH are many but the main one is that I had another bought with my health. When this happens truly all things come to a stand still other than things that are the most importance and that is my husband, children, home, and their schooling. Yes...The Lord too. *Smiles* Oh...and my health. *Smiles*

Second reason was that I was feeling a pull to pull back from the internet. I was blogging, using social media, and etc. I was constantly feeling this pulling at my heart to let it go for a bit.

So that is just what I did. I am feeling somewhat better. I have still being having some issues but the Lord has been good and I feel like I am turning a new leaf. I have since dropped my social media accounts and it has been so refreshing.

Since my last time on here (April I think) we have had a 16th birthday party, celebrated Mother's Day, wrapped a very good "home"school year up, had a high schooler take the ACT and did exceptionally well and now is enrolled in a top 100 college in America while being in High School. He will graduate high school with a year of college under his belt. He will homeschool the remainder of his High School and dual credit with the University in our area. This will be a big undertaking.

                                                              Mother's Day 2016

I celebrated my 36th birthday, we celebrated my "baby's" 9th birthday, my daughter started a dog sitting and walking business and has done really well for an 11 year old. I have focused on making personal relationships deeper and more meaningful. I have been opened our home up (which I struggled with for a long time) and began hosting friends, families, and bible students for fellowship.

We have had a wonderful LAZY filled June (Summer Break) and have enjoyed pool time, outings with friends and family, date nights, read great books, playing board games, and just hanging around.

I am very thankful for you all. I hope to be regular now and then. I know that our summer will be wrapping up in a few weeks so I am planning to come out of lazy mode a little and began to prepare our home and family for the homeschool year coming. This takes a lot of prep work.

Love you all!!


  1. Hello! Glad to hear you are feeling better...
    I too eliminated the social media I was using.
    I now blog only.
    And I'm glad!
    Enjoy your summer with your lovely family.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. :) I am praying about just sticking to blogging. I am not sure what direction. But I feel I may change paces. I may make this more of a journal about our homeschool days and life so I can print it as a book yearly.

  2. I was wondering where you were, Chrissy. Glad you are feeling better. Perhaps just blog once or twice a week instead of daily so we can make sure you are okay :-) I can understand you pulling back from the internet. I would never had time for it if it was around when my children were young.

  3. Glad you are doing better! Best wishes to you and your son as you undertake the college journey. We are doing similar things here. My oldest 2 also took the ACT for the first time this year and my oldest will be doing PSEO - a program here in MN where they cover the cost for Juniors and Seniors to go to college while still in highschool. As we don't care so much for the public university we are planning on using that for her to do college online at a Christian University. That is also allowed here as long as her classes are not religious. It will be interesting.

    1. That is awesome. We are going through a Christian University. I understand.

  4. Glad to see you back! I pray that all is ok with you r health and you are feeling better. Sometimes it's good to take a break every once in awhile :-) Have a wonderful 4th of July!


  5. I have missed you my friend, I thought about emailing you. But life gets busy and it would slip my mind. You have been in my thoughts.
    So, glad to see this post, happy that your feeling better. I understand about the break. Email anytime I would love to hear from you.

  6. My friend, I have missed you! I am happy to hear that you are on the mend. Life is busy and lets face it our lives and families come first! I am of the mind blog when you can and when you can't you can't.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    1. Wendi,

      I have missed you so much. You always encourage me. ALWAYS!!!!!

  7. Hi sweet Chrissy! What a joy to pop in for a little visit and read about the happenings in your home.

    I am so sorry that your health has been giving you issues, but I am praising the Lord that you are doing some better.

    I know what you mean about taking a step back from blogging and all that involves the Internet. I did the same thing not too long ago and was gone for a month. It was a refreshing time and once again it made me aware of how much time I spend on the computer.

    Please know that you are in my thoughts, dear one. Have a blessed 4th of July. Hugs!

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I truly enjoy when you comment. I always feel encouraged and smile when you do.

  8. So happy to hear from you Chrissy, and know that you are doing okay! Busy is wonderful, and your family is most important! I understand about the busy-ness of life, and how hard it is to blog when your life is so busy at home. The picture of your sweet family is beautiful, love the matching turquoise colors! And how awesome that you are opening your home up for fellowship - praying the Lord continues to bless and encourage you in this! Hugs and love to you dear friend!

  9. Hi Chrissy,

    I am glad you are well. What wonderful achievements your family has had, what a blessing! I understand your feelings with social media and often have to step away for a while too. xx

  10. Glad to hear you are feeling better and that are having a wonderful summer. Great to hear about your son and his dual enrollment!

    Hope to see you here once in awhile!


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