Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Diagnosis

I have been feeling awful for years. Yes...years! I have been diagnosed so many times with so many things then "undiagnosed" so many times as well. Yes...undiagnosed. Sunday I had an issue at a festival at our church. It was 103 degrees and I was working the welcome booth. The sun was beaming on me. I felt fine and was having fun but then all the sudden my heart went really fast and began to pound and I almost past out. I don't remember much for about 10 minutes other than being rushed inside and they were putting ice on me and pushing fluids. Luckily, we had a First Aid station with a Doctor due to the possible risk of Heat issues.

My blood pressure which is normally low was super high as well as my heart rate. I was scared to say the least. Anyway I was going through Heat Exhaustion. Which apparently can make you feel yucky a couple of days afterwards. And that I have!!!!

Today I went to the doctor because I still didn't feel really well. They did a whole bunch of blood work but my iron which" was" really low last month is now good since I have been supplementing. I am thankful. But I was so burdened because I feel so bad all the time and I beginning to think I am crazy. I feel like people think I make the way I feel up.

The Doctor looked me straight in the face and said I would not doubt your Vit D to be low but your heart is good, your CBC is good, and so with all that being said all I can suggest to you is to lose weight.

Yes....I know I am not skinny. I am 45 pounds overweight. I am very aware. But.....BUT....I feel so tired and exhausted the sound of just going to shop at the store, counting calories, exercising makes me want to cry. And yes...I have cried.

Although.... I do believe that losing weight will help tremendously I do not believe it is the main thing. I felt this way since I was young and not even overweight. Matter fact because I was so tired all the time is why I stopped exercising.

Anyway, he suggest me to do a 1500 Calorie diet and to walk 2 miles EVERY single day for 3 months and come back to see him. He was very adamant that I do NOT do any types of diets. Just lower my salt intake, watch the things I eat, eat 1500 calories of what I would like, treat myself occasionally, cut back a little on bread but don't be hardcore. He told me to be realistic and avoid types of diets that restrict things that I know I will not be able to live the rest of my life without. I appreciate his advice and he was very delicate....but I just want to cry.

Any tips?!



  1. Bless your heart! How frustrating it is to not know what in the world could be causing you these kinds of problems. I suspect that weight is not your issue either, but it is hard to argue with the medical professionals, isn't it! I found a group called "No Excuse Moms" and they meet at the local fitness center and it was a big help for me to find other moms struggling to lose weight and to work together to encourage each other. I do know that walking is huge, and really helps me so much. Do you have a good place to walk? 1500 calories isn't much, and will be a struggle for you, but I think the walking part will do the most good for you, at least it has for me. I will pray for you that you can find a happy balance and get to feeling better! (Have they ever checked your thyroid, or your liver function tests, as sometimes those organs not functioning properly can cause strange issues...)

    1. I do have hypothyroidism. Ugh. I agree with walking I need to just force myself. I actually have a lovely neighborhood to walk in. I need accountability.

  2. Chrissy, a lot of people seem to have Hasimotos disease these days. Sarah Wilson who started up I Quit Sugar has it and gave up sugar to see if it would improve her condition. It might be worth doing some research to see if you have similar symptoms seeing as it is so common. Then there is the chronic fatigue syndrome which can make you feel yuk. I hope you can get to the bottom of it and find out exactly what you are dealing with.

  3. No advice from me but I do think at least your dr did give you good advice.
    I have lost on several odd diets but long term, none of them have been doable.

    My warning is to read up on heat exhaustion. I don't know if that is the same as heat stroke but I do know that once you have had heat stroke that it is very easy to get it again with even worse consequences.

    Do what you can, I am sure you will figure it out!

    1. I agree. I appreciate that he gave realistic advice.

  4. Well, that just stinks! I know you wanted a concrete answer not a lose weight and then we will see kind of answer. My doctor tends to have to same answer for things. I love my Dr and I am not saying the weight loss thing is not what I need, but it is easier said then done!

    I am right there with you needing to drop a few pounds (or more ;)). He did give you good advice about the way to go about losing a few. Have you ever used It is a great way to keep track of your calorie intake. I plan to start using it again on Monday.

    I know it is frustrating and I will be praying and encouraging you as you work to become healhty and feel well.

    1. Actually I have been looking into Fitness Pal. I know he did give good advice but it is hard. :)


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