Saturday, July 9, 2016

Planning Afternoon Tea

A while back I told my daughter we would do a tea party together. Just her and I. I got sick, life happened, and well it was forgotten. But I do not like saying I will do things and then I don't so I am making it up. Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose inspired me to do this as she had written to me by email and was telling me about her Tea Time she was planning to have with her mom. It motivated me.  Thank you Stephanie!

I plan to do this next week. I will be mailing her an invitation to tea at our home. I am so excited. I will plan our menu but I will have her help prepare.

We will prepare our things in the morning and then have our "tea time" in the afternoon. I am so thrilled. I have been doing a little research on tea etiquette and I have came across some neat reads.

Here are some links for fun if you would like to check them out.

A neat read on Afternoon Tea Etiquette here at Afternoon to Remember.

The menu planned which is subject to change....

Cucumber Sandwiches
Turkey Roll Ups
Strawberries & Cheese Cubes

                                                       Chocolate Cream Pie in Jars

  Check out these super neat Mason Jar Lid Pies. I am not sure which we will do this one or the Chocolate Cream Pie above.


I am leaning on the Chocolate Cream Pie due to the heat and I am not sure I want to use my oven and make our home really hot. It is already over 100 degrees here and the heat index has been 109* F the last few days.  But I will for sure consider these cute pies for later if I end up not doing them.

We will have an assortment of flavored teas and Lemonade. I plan to read a little book to her and then we will curl up and watch the newest of "When Calls the Heart" series. We are so excited.

Hannah has neat little book that has all kinds of pennant banners so we will make a few for decorations.

That is all for now. I am sure you will see some things from here until then as we put this together. It will not be fancy by no means but it will be special Memory Making.

I hope you all have a wonderful day or night!





  1. That is so awesome that you are planning this special time with your daughter! I love the mason lid pies, they look really yummy! But I would be doing something that didn't involve cooking too with such high temps! We have been having cooler weather lately here, and we are not complaining, in fact we are very thankful! :) Will look forward to hearing how your tea party goes :)

  2. Have a lovely tea time with your girl, Chrissy That is a lovely memory to make.

  3. It is times like this that kids will remember for ever.....more important and effective than book learning sometimes.

  4. Sounds lovely Chrissy. My 10 year old son loves tea parties and we bring out my Nan's vintage rose teacups and saucers and bake a cake :) Thank you for the reminder, he asked to have a tea party with me a few weeks ago but I was "too busy" So I think I'll surprise him with one this week. Your menu sounds perfect especially with the hot weather your having. Here is is winter :)xx

  5. It sounds very sweet, have fun and make good memories ❤️


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