Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pulling Back~Pushing Forward

My friends as you all know that I had to pull back for a period of time from media in general amongst other things. I am thankful to feel a little release to poke around in the media world again. I will say though it has been a challenge.

I think pulling back has been good because it showed me things that were most important. But it also showed me what I want to spend my time on when I am online. For a period I was blogging, facebooking, pinteresting, googling, and on and on.

                           Mom's Night Out with some Homeschool Mom's.  We lost a game.
I found I was turning to all these great avenues to fill voids, find answers, and I can go on and on but I will spare you.  One thing is I had information overload. I will not go in detail too much but I began to feel like the silly women that run from home to home and don't manage their own home~granted that was only for a few weeks because I know where my calling and ministry is and I am thankful I woke up.

I say this not to judge, make others feel like they need to pull back, or say those things I have mentioned above are bad. They are all good in the proper balance. I am thankful I have learned that. I have also learned what things in media need to stay in my life, what matters, and what doesn't.

                                                                     Beach Love!

Blogging was something that always was refreshing. I never feel like it is overwhelming. I enjoy sharing my heart, our life, and visiting others. I have made so many wonderful "virtual" friends that I treasure. Blogging is one thing I plan to make sure I do keep in my life as long as the Lord leads. I may not be regular or I maybe.... I am not sure. But one thing is for sure.....I sure missed you all and thankful to be pushing forward.




  1. I've missed you, too!! But - I'm actually in the same boat. Here, writing, in this space, has been sporadic and something at one time I would have NEVER imagined as possible. It seems like when I do post it really is sporadic and folks probably wonder "who is this - and what in the world does this gal even have to say?"...yes, it's been that sporadic. All that to say... "Welcome Back!"

  2. Yes. Just yes.
    I never did Facebook...
    But I did do Instagram.
    While I enjoyed it, it became a huge time waste and actually a bit of pressure.
    This, on the other hand, is peaceful for me.
    I can write...which I love. I can read and share the lives of friends. With no pressure!
    Looking forward to spending time here. : )

  3. Glad you are back again, Chrissy. I am sure you will get the right balance regarding being online. Big hugs.

  4. Thank you ladies!!! Love you all!


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