Thursday, July 21, 2016


Wowza! What a few days or shall I say weeks. I am not sure maybe I should just say years. It has been such a battle with my health. I will spare you details other than I had a bout of tachycardia (high heart rate) and High Blood Pressure. It was bad! BAD! Like I thought I was having a heart attack. It was so terribly scary.

All my test have come back clear but I still feel really tired, weak, and such. No one really knows what is going on with my body. So, we will just say I need prayer. I need prayer for these specific things. I would love if you could bind with me and help me pray.

*strength to get healthy
*lower healthy heart rate
*steady BP as it has been dropping low and raising high
*peace over my mind

Thank you all! I hope to be back posting on a more positive note soon. If I haven't responded to the last post comments it is because of being so out of it. I was sedated a few times to get my heart down. So, I think I am still overcoming that. I also cut out ALL caffeine. Lowered my salt intake as well.



  1. Oh Chrissy, that is scary! Agreeing with you in prayer on everything that you listed. Be good to yourself!

  2. Oh Chrissy, that is scary! Agreeing with you in prayer on everything that you listed. Be good to yourself!

  3. Prayed for you yesterday when I saw your post and then again today! I've been reading your blog but haven't took the time to leave a comment lately but I been reading in my Feedly! :)

    I know what you are going through, though not exactly, but I was sick for years and also they didn't really know what was going on with me - just kept losing babies and organs and then lots of pains. I'm doing ok now but still have things happening but nothing like the 3-4 years of medical drama I went through! God will bring you through this..

  4. I had my own heart issue and later surgery at the end of last year. Very scary stuff!! I will be lifting you in prayer!

  5. So sorry you are going through this, Chrissy. I hope you have a diagnosis soon and I will be keeping you in prayer. Big hugs.

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  7. Let not your heart be trouble, believe and trust the Lord. He will see you through. Praying for you!!

  8. My friend has just been dealing with this same thing. They discovered that she has imbalances in her hormones. Look up symptoms of menopause - it has some of these same symptoms!

    1. I was thinking the same thing!!!!
      Not sure how old you are...
      I'm 46 and my hormones are causing all kinds of new issues!

  9. Oh man. That sounds horrible. Prayers that everything will rebalance and you'll get back to feeling normal soon.

  10. Thank you all. I will also look into menopause things.

  11. Dear Chrissy,

    I stopped by your blog the other day when you had posted about your visit to the doctor and his recommendation that you go on a 1500 calorie diet. I did not have the time to respond just then, but when I returned to your blog I did not see the post.

    I wanted to encourage you in your goal. I have lost 30 pounds on this wonderful low carb/high fat diet. Although some people don’t like this diet, I have found it to be very easy to lose weight with it. When I was counting calories, I was always hungry and tired; however, on the LCHF diet, I could eat until I was satisfied and still lose weight.

    The idea with the LCHF diet is to stop eating most carbohydrates (low carbohydrate vegetables are okay). However, I have never gone even two whole weeks without eating carbohydrates. I allow myself Saturdays to enjoy things that I don’t eat during the week. Otherwise, I do not think that I could stick to this diet. I never want to live without carbohydrates. People say that you can get used to not eating carbohydrates, but I don’t see how life would be as much fun without carbohydrates. That said, if you do the LCHF diet during the week, you will need to strictly avoid LCHF diet during those days.

    I love this website:

    The other thing I wanted to tell you is that I also have problems with my thyroid. My doctor wanted to put my on thyroid medication, but I refuse to live a life in which I must always be on medication. My husband found out that certain foods could inhibit the thyroid from working correctly. I think this was an answer from God, because my husband was praying about what might be the problem, and then he found several sites about what foods to avoid.

    It turns out that peanuts are on the list of thyroid Inhibiting foods; I was eating about two tablespoons of peanut butter a day. When I stopped eating peanut butter, I lost ten pound in the next two weeks.

    Here is a site with more information on thyroid blockers:

    Maybe this information will be of help to you. Whatever you do, I wish you great success on you diet.

    Love, Hope

    1. Thank you Hope. I sure do appreciate the links and encouragement. Wonderful on your weight loss. :)


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