Thursday, August 11, 2016

Random Thoughts

I will continue Part 2 of Depression, Anxiety, and Panic posts when I feel led by the Lord.  I want to be guided in the Lord when I share these posts because it is of a raw nature and I know it is a personal battle many deal with. Until then here are some random thoughts....

I have had some major set backs that has delayed my preparations for the homeschool year ahead. This year is quite different as we have Ethan back home with us doing college level classes and such. It will be a total different atmosphere.

I am excited though. I don't think my children are. LOL! Usually they are excited. In years past I could kind of tell how our school year would be based on their thoughts before we EVER start. The years they are excited and ready we have great years. The years they dread it we have rough ones. So....even though the kids have a yucky feeling about school starting I believe we will have a good year. Discipline and structure are a must for children and for even adults. So, I am ready to get out of summer mode yet I want to keep it simple for all of us. I am thinking of changing our school flow to limit such a long summer break.

Some of the best advice I have gotten from a friend who has dealt with sickness while homeschooling is to keep it simple. She is an author, speaker, and Pastor's wife and homeschools 4 children while having Crohn's Disease. She travels and all. She shared with me that she keeps her life simple and limits things outside. They have a balanced schedule as well as simple activities even though she travels. Her husband does as well so they work together to make sure one parent is always home with them and that she limits travels as well. She even keeps her menu's simple. This causes less stress and keeps peace.

I had all these grand ideas I wanted to do in our home, school, and so on this upcoming school year. I have since decided that I have to reevaluate and make SIMPLE the flow for us.

Just wanted to touch base! I hope you all have a super day!



  1. Simple is good, Chrissy! I somethings think we make things much more complicated then they need to be.

  2. Simple is our motto here as well.
    I love the simplicity of my family, our home, and just being together.
    Prayers as you begin a new year. : )

  3. Simplicity is such a good thing, and your children will thrive and learn this year with out all the 'grand' plans. God has allowed all of this in your lives for everyone's good, your children included.

    I hope you all have a great year!

  4. Living life simple at Simply a everyday thing. Prayers as you begin a new school year.

  5. I agree with your friend about keeping things simple. Throughout our homeschooling years my kids learned first hand about how to handle my panic attacks and that sometimes, we just had to drop what we were doing and go for a walk to help calm me down. My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also surfaced during this time and there were days when I had to spend most of my time in bed. My boys understood and we adjusted our schedule to do our heaviest subjects when I had some energy in the morning and they did more independent study in the afternoons when I had nothing left to give to anyone. We took time every day to read together, even when they were in high school. Each of us would take a turn reading classics and Christian stories of faith out loud. Funny now looking back at this about how much that time meant to all of us. There were days when the boys would have to do all the reading because I just could not even concentrate on reading the words on the page.

  6. May God bless this homeschooling year for your family! May you have strength through the struggles you face. We are gearing up for a new school year as well. My oldest will be doing college online (while still in highschool) this year but still doing some homeschool work as well. I am excited to start but first we have harvesting to do and a backpacking trip out to Glacier National Park.

  7. Hey Sweet Friend, just a note to say hello and wondering how you are?
    You are very missed.


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