Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 1~ Intentional Rest Amongst Intentional Living

As I start this week trying to Intentionally find REST amongst busyness (Intentional Living) there is no better way to kick it off with FIRST THINGS FIRST!!!

My "Jesus" time or some shall say "Quiet Time. A Hot Cup of Low-Sugar Cocoa, Lite Whip Cream, and a drizzle of chocolate (yes---I know), warm cozy blankets, bible, journal, and my book Slow Lane by Monica at Homespun Heart (MUST READ), colored pencils, and sweet prayer soaking music. Can you say...YES, Please?! This was the best INTENTIONAL REST I can have. Resting in the Lord and soaking in His Words.

                            Picture is a free printable from Monica at The Homespun Heart Blog.

Busyness!! Yet intentional living!!!!

One thing that gives me quick rest breaks is posting scripture around the house. These give me a peace each time I stop by one and read them. The key is to put them where you will SEE them. Be intentional about reading them. Not just passing them by.

I am studying SLOW out with Monica in her book. Which is kind of like a bible study, journal, and great read in ONE!

What are you going to do today to INTENTIONALLY REST?



  1. I feel like I have been running here, there and everywhere since my feet the ground this morning. Whew! I plan to take some time after dinner to rest. I will sit on the back porch, read and make plans for fall break. If I am lucky at some point Chuck will join me so we can chat!

  2. The same here I have been super busy for the entire month of September. My goal is to say no to the busy life out there for the month of October. Today, I have sneak out to my front porch with a cup of cocoa..just swinging and taking in the quietness of our little country lane. I have gotten in my walking for the day. I love the busyness of cleaning my home and doing laundry. These kinds of busyness is our blessings to our family. OH girl Monica book is on my wish list.

  3. I love reading your blog & how real you are. I am thankful that your church loved & lifted you up! Thanks for sharing your heart & also the book that inspires you! One of my favorites is Valorie Burton's "Why Am I So Busy?" You may want to follow the one you are reading with it. It also helps you live more intentional & map out a plan for yourself to do so. Today I am blogging & reading blogs as a rest. The kiddos are all occupied right now. I enjoy the quiet escape. Soft rain falls on our tin roof. I also hear the dryer. My house feels upturned as I type due to rearranging the kid's room for our oldest to have her own space. I still must be intentional to take God time, me time. It makes for a happy home!

    1. Awesome resting to me. I love doing that. Thanks for book suggestion. I will check into that.

  4. I love this!!!
    And you go right ahead and drizzle that chocolate sauce!
    I do the same!
    Your morning moments sound lovely...
    I am currently loving my morning Mindful Meditation...
    I use an app called Headspace. It is ten minutes a day. I find it so helpful for my anxiety and OCD.
    Thank you for your honesty, my friend.
    Have a cozy evening. : )

    1. Sounds neat, Billie Jo. I will check that out. Thanks for visiting and encouraging me.

  5. So happy to visit with you today Chrissy, always such a joy to come here! Your morning routine sounds lovely. I'm with you... a hot cup of coffee, my bible and a good devotional or read is the best way to start the day along with talking to the Lord before the day gets started. Great idea to put scriptures up around the house where you can stop and read them too! Hugs to you dear friend, praying you are resting in HIM :)


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