Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 2- Intentional Rest Amongst Intentional Living

I do not have pictures today. Well, I do. But I am choosing not to upload them today. I am resting from that...Smiles. Kidding. I just have a few moments in my Intentional LIVING (ahem..busyness) and I wanted to share that I did make time for some Intentional REST.

For some this may not seem like resting and to be honest it doesn't always to me either when I get started but once I am finished I do feel refreshed. I took a lovely walk. Enjoyed the beauty of the day. Listened to the birds and daydreamed as I walked.

Walking has been a huge help for me not just physically these days but mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. I often find myself chatting with the Lord on my walk.

Did you make time for rest today?



  1. I did.
    I snuggled on the couch with my girl today.
    And I sat on the porch and felt the breeze while I admired the colorful leaves.
    But...I didn't walk. : )
    Maybe tomorrow!
    Have a cozy Wednesday!

  2. Yesterday I sat on the back porch for about 15 minutes while Megan worked on math. It was just the refreshment needed to tackle a busy evening!

    1. I love this. I understand. It is so refreshing to just SIT!

  3. I got my walking in this morning while talking with the Lord. It is always so refreshing. I sat on the front porch swing while watching my grandson who is three, play batman as he ran around on the porch. Enjoying the small things in life. Have a lovely day.


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