Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 7 Intentional Rest Amongst Intentional Living

Happy Sunday. Today I'm resting. Enjoying the Lord's Day.

Please pop in tomorrow for a special surprise.

What are you doing today to intentionally rest?


  1. I don't always find Sunday restful. The hustle and bustle of getting to church, getting lunch and such can lead to stress. This afternoon Megan went with my parents and Chuck and I ended up on a lunch date. We shared a small pizza at our favorite pizza place. It was a wonderful time!

  2. Well, I did take a nap this afternoon.
    Hope you are getting rested and recharged.

  3. I didn't do much resting today, had a busy afternoon in the kitchen, but a good day! Lots of good food to eat now :) I will look forward to your surprise tomorrow :)


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