Saturday, October 22, 2016

How Do You Prepare for the Holidays?

I enjoyed reading the frugal meal ideas that was shared. I have gotten some new ideas and I was reminded of some I had forgotten about.
Today I would love to hear how you all prepare for the holidays ahead.

Example's like how do you prepare your home, kitchen, money, and



  1. Here's a little help. Blessings,

  2. Hello!
    Well, this is my favorite time of year...anticipating all that is to come.
    It can be daunting, though, if I let it!
    Shortly after Halloween, we pack up the autumn and Halloween decorations.
    Then we all pitch in and give the house a quick cleaning.
    Around the middle of November, we start decorating for Christmas.
    Because we homeschool, we can do a little at a time.
    The last thing we do is the tree.
    This is all done before Thanksgiving, so that we can relax and enjoy that day!
    I start planning for Thanksgiving a couple weeks before. I make a list and we get to the store for all the non perishable items before everyone else! Then I send Steve to get the veggies etc the day before!
    Thanksgiving is quiet here. Just us. Too much running around makes me anxious, so as much as we love our families, we reserve that day for us. : )
    As far as Christmas, I did a series of posts explaining that over on my blog. My goal is to have everything mailed, baking done, presents wrapped, gifts delivered, refrigerator stocked, all by December 18. That way, we have an entire week to relax and appreciate the season. : )
    I do shop all year. If I see something fir one of the family, I get it and tuck it away.
    Well, I'm sure that's way more than you wanted to know!
    But...oh one more thing...
    December can be a very busy time. Don't be afraid to say no to some parties, or games, or tournaments etc. The most important thing is family. : )

  3. Hi Chrissy,
    I too try to have as much done ahead of time as possible. I do leave the baking until the last 2 weeks when we hand deliver homemade breads, cookies and candy to our friends and neighbors. Most of the other gifts are made or bought ahead of time. I just wrapped and sent home my parents and one of my brother's gifts with them when they came for a visit. They also brought some of the family gifts to us to distribute to all of the clan here. ;) This saves us all on shipping costs. My girls and I are planning a shopping trip in a few weeks. We are planning on hitting up some thrift stores and Hobby Lobby. Yes, we do buy a lot of things at the thrift stores...where else can I find expensive cookbooks that retail for $38 and up for under $3? ;) We also find lots of brand new with tags items there along with real silver bowls, antique china teacups, fine china dishes, toys for the grandkids along with great children's books, and fun board games to play and movies to watch. Our home is decorated simply because we have a crazy cat that destroys things and grandchildren that get upset if we move their big toy box out of the living room so that I can put up a tree.


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