Sunday, December 11, 2016

December...WOW...Where has the time gone?

Hello everyone!!! I have missed this little spot on the web. I am obviously not good at keeping this blog up and running. For years (10 to be exact) before I had this blog I had another one and I was faithful and regular. I loved it. I love blogging, writing, and catching up with others. I have made life long friends and pen pals. I have had support when I wasn't sure I would, prayers that covered me and so on. Blogging is amazing. But time is so limited. It takes a lot to blog. Pictures, topics, downloading, and etc.

On a lighter note....I can't believe December is here. It is crazy. I can't believe 2017 is almost here. Just seems like I wrote a post about my thoughts on the new year and my one word focus for 2016 a few months ago.  Now I am already pondering about next year.

I planned to keep December simple, Christ-Centered, and SLOW and I have achieved as much as I can during this time of year. I have decided that if I really wanted to scale back, say no, and not over eat and over spend I need to lock myself up somewhere....HAHAHA!!! Humor there!!! I am kidding. Maybe!

I scaled back on d├ęcor this year but it is still so pretty, did all our Christmas cards at the end of November, I took our own photo to put inside and that saved a lot of money, and went through the calendar and only chose parties and events we wanted to make sure we attended. We have said no to several things and that is okay. We are still having a very filling and busy season already. I can't believe how many years I spent running myself crazy trying to attend everything.

I asked the kids to choose their top thing they wanted to make sure they got to experience in the season and that has helped cut back on other things that maybe was more my forcing then them really liking. :)

I hope you are all well!!! Just wanted to pop by and say hello and hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Hello, my friend!
    What a lovely post to read this cozy afternoon.
    I agree with everything you wrote here concerning enjoying this season slowly and deliberately. Saying no is essential for me! I can't handle chaos!
    Have a blessed week!

  2. I keep telling myself just get through next weekend. We have a dinner, live nativity, and a Christmas play to attend; all taken place next weekend. The week leading up to Christmas and the week after we have nothing on the schedule. Yahoo 2 weeks of nothing!! But the first week of January we will be in week revival. I am with you I love slower days, and look to create them we I can. Take care Chrissy I have missed you.

  3. Enjoy yourselves! Happy Christmas.

  4. Good to see you back again, Chrissy. I hope you have a relaxing and blessed Christmas.

  5. I really scaled back on my Christmas decorating several years ago, and it is so much nicer. It's still festive, but it's simple and easy to undo when Christmas is over. Enjoy the rest of the month!

  6. Sorry that I am so late getting by to say hello to you! So glad to see you back blogging, and I completely understand how much work it is to keep up a blog, and run a home and homeschool too! Not to mention all the other things that you are doing as well! So, take care of your family and just share when you can. I have you on my blog roll so I can see when you post :) Living life is far more important right now while you have your children with you. Hugs to you today dear friend, and Merry Christmas!


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