Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hannah's Pottery Making Birthday

Hannah turned 12 on December 6th. I am behind with blogging but I wanted to document this special day here for my records. I love this little young lady. She is a wonderful daughter. Sweet, giving, and headstrong (in a good way) and has determination no matter what comes her way.
We had a pottery making party and then a slumber party at Holiday Inn Express (my husband had a free night due to work travels) and we had a blast swimming and playing games. Candy and cupcakes.

She was blessed with lots of art stuff (her favorite thing) and socks and goodies. She had a wonderful day. I thank the Lord for her daily!!!



  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Hannah! I am happy that you had such a fun time celebrating your special day!

  2. She had a great time !! Love the pics ! Love yall !

  3. Happy birthday to Hannah. She must have had a lovely birthday.

    1. She did. It was her year to have a special party. We don't do one yearly. We choose certain ages to have a "special" party. :)

  4. That looks like a fun birthday! Your Hannah shares a birthday with me. :-)


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