Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I have a little more time to blog because we are taking a break from schooling and so I am trying to post things I want posted before the year ends. Here are some highlights of our November.

We went to a Petrified Forest and Geology Museum and it was wonderful. We learned a lot and had such a wonderful time with a picnic at the end.

We also visited the Mississippi Crafts Guild Museum. The kids got to experience metal work, felt making, and stain glass work. This was a top favorite trip.

We visited my mom for Thanksgiving and it was a TREAT. We haven't been able to go in a few years. We celebrated, shopped, and ate.

The kids had their Homeschool Thanksgiving Party with their homeschool group and it was so nice. They loved it.

We had a very nice November. School went well and we had lots of outside learning experiences. A few other things we did were a Indian Festival and went to see a portion of Nutcracker Ballet. Lots of park days, and picnics happened. We read the My Side of the Mountain as our read aloud and it was good. It was such a good month and we loved all our experiences.

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  1. Love catching up with you, my friend!
    We are taking this week off from schooling as well.
    Enjoying the relaxing and napping. : )
    Happy and Blessed New Year!


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