Thursday, December 29, 2016

Looking Back on Word of the Year for 2016

It is that time of year again where we contemplate, look back, and look forward. Last year my word of the year was Commit. I can honestly say that things happened that made me commit. I had to hit bottom to make those final decisions of commitment. I still have areas I could work on but I did commit to home educating our children and being consistent with it. Due to my health I sometimes would not be consistent. Which leads me to another commitment I made and that was to invest in my health once and for all. I have committed to exercise and I am working on eating better. I have reduced a lot of things and overall lost 32 pounds this year. That was a bonus.

Overall I feel I committed to some important things such as trying to grow in the Lord, letting go of
issues that were clinging to me, and commitment to my health and education of my kids. I also made sure not to over commit outside the home so I could be committed to things that were vitally important. I committed to read more and I surpassed my goals.

Where I did not commit completely was in our finances (ugh) and of course I could always commit more to prayer and word (these are a daily but I can always go deeper).

I will take this word with me and these commitments with me into 2017 and hopefully add more and commit more to our finances, health, and spiritual growth of myself and my family.

What about you? Looking back did you reach your goals?



  1. Congratulations on your weight loss Chrissy! This is an area that I am really struggling in. Menopause has not been kind to me at all. My mother also gained weight when she hit menopause and has not been able to get or keep it off and she eats healthy and exercises on a regular basis. Some days I feel like I am doomed. ;)

    I'm going to be working on our finances more this year too. My husband and I have a goal in mind to buy a used camper so that we can go camping more, be comfortable and have a battery that we can plug his CPAP machine into that he has to wear when he sleeps. We also need to continue to pay off medical bills and try to work on becoming debt free.

    Be blessed!

  2. Woohoo on the weight loss!! :) Praying you have a wonderful 2017! You read my post - so you know my goals. Glad to see you back blogging!

  3. Chrissy, Congratulations on the weight lost!
    I have been going over last years goals and thinking about new ones as well. It was a little discouraging as I read over some from last year and realized I was making the same ones this year - obviously I hadn't "arrived" yet. But still I can see areas of growth and I am excited about this new year and the ways that God can use me.


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