Monday, January 30, 2017

A Stove Fire, Lizard, and a Bathroom Leak

This has been a unique (rough) Monday morning. We had a long weekend and to be honest all of us are super tired. We also have another long weekend ahead. I will be honest I really wanted to stay in bed and curl up and do nothing today.  But not really possible and its best just to bite the bullet and move.

I will probably make it more a slower week due to the past busy weekend and an upcoming one as well. I feel a little stressed compared to last week. I didn't get a lot of my "goals" done because all week last week we had a leak in the bathroom and had to have a environmental team come in a scrub mildew in the bathroom and then walls had to be cut out.

So while last week looked (on the blog) as all things were perfect here at Keeping Home I chose not to share all our "issues" for a reason.

1. There is a enough bad and negative going on in our world

2. I follow the Lord about what to post on my blog and felt to keep it peaceful and document the good unless I feel led to share trials and storms and trust me I do have them.

3. I am trying to find the joy amongst chaos and trials.

Today I am sharing how in the first hour of my day I had a stove fire that terrified me. I was boiling eggs and the pan was to shallow and I put a little oil in my eggs to help them peel. I walked out for a minute and heard cracking and smelled smoke and discovered flames when I came back. I took care of it. Thankfully nothing was damaged. My pot was a little scarred but it is all good. After that scare I went to make my bed up and discovered a lizard. Lets just say I think the whole neighborhood heard me. I am deathly terrified of lizards. I can't stand them. I know they are useful and all that but I do NOT like them. After I dealt with 5 minutes of trying to catch it. YES!!!!! 5 or more minutes of running and screaming with a broom. My kids were rolling in laughter and then screaming as it was jumping and running at them.

We handled the little thing. I will not share how. *Smiles*

By this point I felt I was going to have a panic attack..HAHAHA! I am truly real. So, I decided to go back to bed. No....I am kidding.  I grabbed a cup of hot cocoa and sat down to blog here for some peace and reprieve. *Smiles*

But this is what awaits me...

I wore this super cute lacy vest with a floral dress for church last night. I just loved how it looked draped over my suitcases I have for décor.

Goals for this week are small because I simply need to pace myself for health reasons and a busy week and weekend to come.

Goals for the week are...
1. Pay bills
2. Organize papers, files, and records
3. Update Calendar for February and set Goals and Habit
4. Save or earn $20 put in Vacation Jar

I didn't get to do the living room last week as planned because of construction workers, plumbers, and environment people coming in and out for 3 days. So, I am holding off on the deep cleaning (shampooing carpet, baseboards, and etc.) until this bathroom gets accomplished. It may be a week or two. I am not sure. They just got all the mildew and mold taken care of, walls out and now I am waiting on the contractor and plumbers to fix the leak and cracks, and then put up walls and paint. It is a mess.

Oh well! I am thankful it is getting taken care of. I don't want harmful mold in my bathroom.

I hope you all had a good weekend and have a good week ahead.

I did want to share on here (for my memory) snippets I enjoyed over the weekend.

1. Serving at the church and laughing with friends
2. Watching my son play in a ball tournament and playing hard
3. Watching my daughter serve and be used at church
4. sitting on the floor teaching kids in Sunday School class
5. Watching my husband teach my oldest to grill and tie a bow tie
6. Saying yes and inviting kids over for lunch Sunday and watching them have fun



  1. It sounds like you had quite a week. The lizard made me smile. Not fun at all, but I can imagine the giggles that scene brought. :)

  2. LOL :D about the lizard, we had those when we use to live in FL. I don't like them either. I like the part where the kids where laughing at the site of it all...what memories they will have.

    Take life as it comes one day at a time. Enjoy only today don't think about tomorrow until it gets here! This weekend we had a gift card to a nice restaurant, and we went and enjoy that on Saturday. Sunday was an old fashion Sunday, we had church in the morning, potluck afterwards and back to church for some singing it all ended at 3. We had no church that evening, so we could enjoy our families.

    Have a nice day Chrissy.

    1. I believe in that take one day at a time. Although I set goals they do not rule me. *smiles* I learned not to do homemaking planners and binders and all that jazz a long time ago. I always felt overwhelmed and you never know what tomorrow holds. I want to be available and not tied down to a list. Although, they have a place and for me I just found setting goals (simple ones) for the week and trying to accomplish them by Saturday has been more helpful.


  3. Ugh I had lizards when we lived in Arizona, I used to get so grossed out that my kids would have to get rid of them for me hahaha

  4. Hi, New here (saw your blog on Sandra's sidebar)you had me laughing out loud which is not an easy thing when you are feeling sick so thanks for that but the whole Lizard scene is so funny (to me) but I tell ya if it was me my neighbors would hear me also. Have a great week.

    1. It is funny. I'm still laughing. Glad you came to visit.

  5. Sorry about your challenging week. I am glad you were able to catch the leak and the mildew before it got worse. Glad you can laugh about the lizard now. I don't think I have ever lived in a place where we really had to deal with lizards - other than my sister-in-laws pet which did startle me thoroughly when they were visiting once and it decided to run (usually it stayed pretty much perfectly still). Cooking fires are scary - I am very glad you were able to take care of it quickly.

  6. Chrissy,
    I am so sorry about your hard week...
    Sending prayers.
    I am sorry about the leak...we had a pipe break in our wall once...
    We had the mold removal people in too.
    Thank Heaven you caught it quickly!
    I hope your new week is off to a better start!!!
    Hugs from snowy Pennsylvania. : )

    1. Oh...
      And I love your bedspread!!!!

    2. Thanks. I can honestly say it isn't going a ton better but I'm trying find the silver lining. Hugs.

  7. I love reading your blog posts. :)

    I love your quilt!!!

  8. That was quite the week! Life is not a sprint, everything doesn't have to be done right now. More important that we can laugh, and show our kids how to look to God for everything!

    Your list at the end are such sweet things.

  9. Those little bumps in the road can be so frustrating. I know that long-term they're not a big deal, but they're no fun while they're happening. Hugs to you. I understand about not wanting to share everything bad that happens. I prefer to keep my blog positive too. I love having my happy moments to look back on over the years instead of all my complaints and grumbles. :)

  10. I'm sorry I'm a bit behind my blog reading this week! Trying to catch up, and so sorry to hear about your difficult Monday morning! It sounds like a Jonah day (per Anne of Green Gables). These trying moments are so tough, but thankful that the fire got put out without any issues, and that the lizard issue was taken care of too. So sorry to hear about your bathroom, what a mess indeed! Praying for you friend!


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