Thursday, January 26, 2017

Abundance~ Have You Noticed?

Hello sweet readers! I hope this day or night is full of abundance for you. If not stop a second and look around I promise you can find something that God has given you.

We are surrounded with an abundance of small gifts everyday.

Abundance- a Large quantity of something, plentifulness of good things (according to Webster)

We are surrounded by lots of small gifts and that makes us have a very Abundant Life, indeed.

Even in the midst of chaos, trials, and storms we can still find small blessings and we can cling to the hope of the fact we truly have an Abundant Life.

Here are some little snippets of our Abundant Blessings today......

Oatmeal Cookies that were so divine put smiles on my family face and made the home smell cozy.

A finished puzzle that I challenged myself to do. I haven't done a puzzle in years.  This made me smile at the patience God gifted me through the process and the reward at the end.

Apple VERY FIRST FROM SCRATCH PIE CRUST AND PIE FILLING!!!!! I can not tell you how pleased I was to accomplish this. It wasn't the prettiest but man it was wonderful and warm.

Which led to a TEA TIME with reading aloud to the kids. Little House in the Big Woods and our Bible passages in Exodus. Seeing them smile, smack, lick lips, and laugh was worth the mess from pie making.

A new contact book filled with precious friends and family. What a blessing to have loved ones and friendship in my life.

I said a spontaneous yes to my son when he asked if I would play basketball. I stopped what I was doing and went and played with him. We had so much fun and giggled at me trying to make hoops. The kids pulled out a very messy game but we had fun!

Loving my apron! Means I am blessed to be a homemaker of this home and my wonderful family.

Hand picked flowers and sticks made into a little bouquet by little girls. They were so proud.

Driving with my teenager today! This brings smiles and well fear. Hahaha!

No picture of that one because I was trying to guide him and pay attention. *Smiles*

I am blessed with Abundant Gifts all day. Guess what you are too!

Oatmeal Cookie recipe is here. I halved this recipe and put raisins in some and chocolate chip in the other half.

Apple Pie crust recipe is here. Apple pie filling here. I just used the directions for the filling not the crust because I made that from scratch.



  1. Chrissy,
    I feel as if we should be neighbors!
    This post filled me with such happiness and warmth...
    I enjoyed sharing these special moments with you.
    And that pie??? Beautiful.
    Thanks for the cookie recipe.
    We will think of you when we make them!
    Have a cozy evening, dear friend.

    1. I wish we were neighbors. How wonderful that would be. Your blog always inspires me. Hugs

  2. Your are very blessed with an Abundant life! I love this post, yes I am bless as well. What a nice reminder you have give us today.

    1. Love the puzzle it is hard to find one with a photo nice as that one. I would love to be your neighbor as well.

    2. I found that puzzle at the dollar store. It was so pretty. I put puzzle glue on it to frame it.

  3. Chrissy, You have such a sweet blog! Your cookies look so tempting! The pie does too but I could never turn away a cookie! I like to do puzzles but for some reason, I get dizzy when I spend too much time working on them. Have a lovely evening!

  4. I adore this post! You know I am a big fan of looking for joy in the ordinary. The tea cup and plate set is pretty and super cute to boot!

    If you wouldn't mind sending a prayer or two up for me I would appreciate it. One thing is we are trying a new church on Sunday. We have invited Chuck's mom and step-dad to join us since as of today they withdrew their membership from the church we had all previously been attending together. Pray that this is a good fit for us. We are also having a septic inspection on Monday. We are praying that it cost $5000 or less to fix the issue. Thank you, my friend!

    1. Many prayers to you friend. I will truly be focusing on praying for you.

  5. Sounds like this is a wonderful time of life for you. My husband read Little House in the Big Woods aloud to me this fall. My kids are old enough they weren't interested.

    Seasons pass.

    1. Yes. I'm embracing this season. After a long and painful season just a few years ago this is what we call our selah moment. It will not last but while it is here we will relish it.

  6. Good morning ❤️ Thanks for sharing your sweet times. I enjoyed them.
    I've never heard of using margarine in pie crust but I'm gonna try it.
    I used to really like jigsaw puzzles but I haven't worked one in so long. Maybe I will, they really are fun.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.n

    1. Rhonda,
      You are right about margarine. I didn't have any shortening or butter so purposely looked uobone with margarine and it really turned out great. I did freeze my margarine sticks and grated them into flour.

  7. Your pie looks great! I am going to experience the driving with kids thing soon too as my oldest two are taking drivers Ed in February. Scary times. :-) Hopefully it will go well.

  8. Oh my goodness, I have the same apron!! I wore it yesterday, and my toddler was just fascinated with the design. It's so neat to see someone else with the same one. You have a beautiful blog and a wonderful attitude!


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