Friday, January 27, 2017

Challenge Friday~ Say Yes

I can't believe it is already FRIDAY AGAIN!!!

I had several things swirling through my head for Challenge Friday. Lots of great things. But this morning while I was getting ready for the day I was praying about what do (because don't we all need to give our blogs to the Lord) and I kept feeling this certain thing impressing on me.

I am so guilty of saying no.

No- lets not do cupcakes today.  MESS.

No- I can't play that game right now...I am blogging (Smiles) Let's be honest I am not the only one.

No- I can't take you to do that hobby you want to do because I am too tired at the end of the day. Although, the hobby is for a good cause.

No- I can't. I am too tired. I say to my husband at times.

No- Let's not get all that out. I really don't want to clean it.

No- I don't want company. I want to stay curled up in jammies and read.

Don't get me wrong I do say YES as well. But often times it is NO.

You see I went through a period years ago I would have never said NO to outsiders, church friends, and friends in general. And often my family reaped my tiredness from running, serving, and going. Upon conviction many years ago I slowed my life down and started saying NO to things a lot outside of the home and more yes inside the home.

But life happens, health issues arise, and financial burdens can hinder. Before you know it I was saying a whole of NO to everyone. Inside the home and Outside the home.

I mentioned the other day how I said a spontaneous yes to my son who has been begging me to play basketball. It was one of the highlights of the week. We walked to the park, talked, laughed, and played. I have memories tucked in my heart forever. He is only young once. He want ask me to play with him forever. Trust me I have a son who is almost 17 years old and he has stopped.

This week let's practice saying Yes to something. I am not talking about giving people or kids their way I am just saying within reason say yes and see if you don't create special memories.

Has God asked something of you?  Have you been saying no? Or ignoring it?  Let's say yes to Him this week as well.

Love you all!!

By the way I did accomplish last weeks Challenge. I got a pretty new Contact Book for $3.00 (US) and filled it all out. I am so happy.


  1. Chrissy, you are so right that is so easy to do. I have days where I just want to stay in my PJ's and not go any where. I have said no to some things that I should of said yes. They are only little once. I have said yes to a lot of things as well. I will take the Challenge of saying yes to somethings this weekend. I love the photo of your sweet son, and I love the brick on the wall behind him.

    1. I understand. The pic was of Kyle at a cooking school they wanted to go to and it was a little of a drive and pricey. But they learned a lot.

  2. These are some great thoughts. There needs to be balance in our "yes" and "no" times. We can't be all one or the other. The other day (even though I didn't feel like it) I "said Yes" to listening to my youngest tell me all about a book (of a variety that I don't care for - fantasy)that she found fun and interesting. She wanted to read my excerpts and talk about every chapter. :-) Last night I kind of regret not saying yes to my oldest son. He wanted to have a lot longer haircut (or no haircut) but I insisted that we cut it. It is true I don't like his super messy hair that sticks up all over but is that really something for me to be adamant about with my 15 year old? I need to discuss it with my husband and get his take and then maybe give our son a little more leeway in the future.

    1. Abbie,

      I can relate to the hair thing. I have a soon graduated kid and I have had a hard time with this.

  3. Chrissy, a very wise choice you made with your son. As you say memories were made. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. I am so with you on this, Chrissy!
    I am inclined to say No to many things involving other people.
    I love my home and family...
    But I realize that my children will benefit from interaction with others.
    And most of the time, when I do say Yes to a visit or get together with others, although I dread it for days beforehand, I end up having a good time!
    Thank you for writing so beautifully something I experience often!

    1. Yes...yes... I kno what you mean. I think my anxiety causes me to retreat.

  5. I am guilty of all of this. I often say no to outside things because it makes my anxious + I am a homebody. I almost said no to Megan's request for pancakes this morning. Not because they are hard but because it wasn't what I had planned and I didn't want to deal with hand washing the griddle. Lazy, I know. I said yes. She was happy and without any prompting Chuck washed the griddle. :)

  6. Now that my kids are grown, yes I wish I had said yes more. Now, those opportunities are gone forever. Too often we say yes to others, and no to our family for the little things that yes, make a mess. But some messes are worth it. Thank you for the reminder of saying yes more often, for the little things that make memories to last a lifetime, indeed I do believe the Lord laid this little thought on your heart today: I love it when He works like that!

  7. One of the things I learned the hard way was saying yes to things that took me away from my family when my kids were little. My priority needed to be on them and my husband. Once I learned to do that, they and I, were much happier. ;) now that my kids are grown, my family still is my priority when it comes to saying yes. I still do my volunteer work, as I have for 24 years now and I still help my friends and work a few days a month, but anyone will tell you that if my grandkids need this Grammie, I will do everything I can to be there for them. ;)


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