Friday, January 13, 2017

Challenge Friday~Pamper

Hello Friends. I hope you all enjoyed the art of writing a letter last week. I know I did. I am so excited to hear back from my friend. I plan to write a letter monthly for the year. I loved the whole art of it.

This week I am challenging us to Pamper. What I mean is do something for your body you have put off.  My toes and feet have been sadly neglected.  I need to pamper my worn down fingernails. They look grubby.

                                             The devotion I have been enjoying!

                                           Hannah enjoying school outside Thursday.

I also challenge you to do it on a budget OR treat yourself if your budget allows. 

Here is some ideas...

give yourself a manicure or a pedicure
deep condition your hair
wax your eyebrows
exfoliate your skin
soak in a detox bath
scrub those rough dry patches on your skin
do a face mask

Who is in with me?  Share what you plan to do over the next week in the comments.

I will be doing my feet and nails.



  1. I need to give my nails some TLC and tackle the eyebrows. The brows are not my favorite thing because I can't see them well without my glasses! Doing your brows with glasses on is a challenge.

    Megan said she wants to school outside like Hannah. Looks divine, but would be a little chilly for us this time of year!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful idea. Thanks for the encouragement. :) Love the picture of Hannah enjoying the sunshine while she works!

  3. I did get my letter written this week! Yeah! Working outside looks like fun but I think your weather must be considerably warmer than ours just now! We had negative 30 this morning. We are enjoying the sunshine inside however.

    1. Yay! Good! Yes...our weather has bee. On the 7os

  4. I wrote to my sister,and I love the pamper idea. That usually doesn't happen for are right we need to take the time and care for our selves. (facial) Your weather sounds wonderful.

    1. Oh great!!!! I could use a facial too. Something to moistrize. The weather has been wonderful.

  5. pamper idea is amazing for me because i never did such thing before as being so much busy day and night until sleep i cannot take time for myself .Taking bath daily sometime twice is enough for me and sometime i find hardly time to give my hair a quick brush though.
    hope i could do the same friend!
    best wishes for your nails .

  6. I need to take your cue on this and pamper myself a bit. I think I will go through all the lovely samples of creams, masks, bath soaks and do something nice for myself with them. :) Thank you!


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