Monday, January 16, 2017

Chit Chat & Cleaning

Hello all! I hope you all are well and had a great weekend. I had a decent weekend. I have been dealing with some stomach issues and abdominal pains. It has kind of zapped me. I pushed through Saturday and cleaned our home. Our Weekly Cleaning! I would love to fit this in during the week but with homeschool and basic daily to do's such as cooking, straightening, decluttering, laundry, paying bills, grocery shopping, exercising, church, running teen to work and back and any other activities it seems Saturday tends to be the day I get stuck doing the deeper cleaning like the bathrooms, mopping, and dusting. I pick up daily and vacuum several a week and wipe bathrooms down daily but deeper stuff seems hard to fit in.

I originally plan for Friday's to be the day to clean but I am so tired by this day I tend to relax with the kids, do appointments, or do visits that need to be made. I also run errands and take boys to get hair cuts, and shop this day.

Do you have a specific day you clean? 

Please pray for me about my stomach/abdominal issues. I truly appreciate it!!!



  1. The stomach bug seems to be making the rounds. Megan was telling me over the weekend that many of the children at school have been out with it. I hope it stays away from us!

    I do a general pick up every day. I then have one room or area a day that is my target for a deeper clean. It works for me at the moment. Things are changing around here so I will have to see if that is something that will continue to work. It seems each season brings a different routine.

    Feel better, my friend!

  2. I sure hope you are not getting that flu bug. It's a nasty one. I have been having some issues along those lines myself, but stress does that to me as well and we have had some situations lately that have left me feeling anything but calm.

    I try to do some cleaning but honestly, my hubby and I usually do deep cleaning on Mondays. That is when he can help me in the morning before he has to sleep in the afternoon/early evening to get ready for his overnight shift job.

  3. Aww feel better soon, I will be praying. We pick up and tidy everyday. My daughters deep clean their rooms once a week. My oldest daughter also deep cleans the hall bathroom and tidy it each day. That leaves me 5 rooms to clean. If I am really wanting to give each room a good deep clean; I will do one room a day. Once each room is deep cleaned and the clutter is clear out, it makes cleaning them easier. We clean on Friday,for the weekend and again on Monday for the week. My girls also help me cook and they help me clean the kitchen up after each meal...that helps me out a lot.

  4. Prayers for your health, my friend.
    We all had a weird stomach pain thing going on here lately.
    It was short and not too bad.
    Hopefully yours will pass!
    I used to have a specific day to clean the entire house...Friday.
    Now, with homeschool, I tend to let it slide!
    Our home is usually tidy, as I cannot stand messes with my anxiety, but I keep an eye on things, and when they get bad, I clean them.
    Does that sound horrible?!
    I just am too old to keep up with the weekly anymore!
    My children do, shopping, dusting, and vacuuming.
    That leaves the bathrooms for me! : )
    Have a nice week.: )

    1. I'm the same with my anxiety. I don't do clutter.

  5. Chrissy I hope you are feeling better now. It is busy with children at home as they are involved in so many things. I remember those times well. I hope you do have a better week.

  6. I try to do my cleaning a little every day, but sometimes I don't get to it. I will keep working on it! Thanks for your inspiration.

    I hope you get feeling better. I used to have stomach pains all the time, and when I drastically changed my diet (to a whole foods, plant-based diet), they went away like magic. I hope you find your solution, or that it will pass on its own.

    1. Thank you. I think changing some things is in the forecast. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Hope you are feeling better! I clean as I go, and generally tend to deep clean on Mondays. It seems after the weekend, the house needs some attention anyway, lol.


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