Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Chat

Hello friends. I hope everyone stayed safe and warm this past weekend. Granted, I know some of my readers are not from US so I totally envy your warmth. *Smiles*

This weekend iced a little so we cozied up inside with games, Veggie Soup one night and Chili the next.  We also had way too many desserts. We enjoyed making and eating brownies and a cheesecake. Yum!

The kids didn't let the cold stop them from playing outside which meant I got lots of reading time and also some major chores accomplished.

I worked on the Master Bathroom this past week and weekend. I scrubbed it down! Like Spring Cleaning scrubbed down. Since I can't really fit spring cleaning in with our homeschool schedule I tend to do a good cleaning in January and then over the summer during our break.

I cleaned the baseboards, the Jacuzzi jets (this is a pain), and all cabinets and closet. I got a few little odds and ends to work on this week and it will be all fresh and clean. I want to put liner in the closet and cabinets, fix some peeling border, and touch up some paint.

I read Tidewater Inn by Colleen Cobble this weekend it was good. Little drug out but still a very good read.

What did you do this weekend?



  1. Sounds a perfect weekend! I love those weekends that are full of family, a little bit productive and restful. My weekend was quiet. Hubby and I still weren't feeling well. He sleep for several hours Saturday afternoon and I laid on the couch and watched a movies Sunday. We ventured out early evening Sunday to use a gift card for dinner. We haven't been to church in what feels like forever. Chuck mentioned he was hopeful we would all be well enough to attend next week. I am ready!

  2. Hi Chrissy,
    Sounds like a cozy and productive weekend!
    You and I are much the same.
    I also do my "spring cleaning" in January.
    Not as much as the actual spring cleaning, but I do scrub and dust and vacuum each room as we take down Christmas.
    Which is still up because we have one more dinner with family Wednesday night!
    Have a cozy week! : )

    1. I still have some up too. My tree is down and super Christmas looking things. But I have my fireplace mantle garland up because I like the look of the lights. I have one small tree with lights on it in a urn and it really could be used year round or at least all winter. I just like the cozy look of it all still.

  3. Like Wendi, I stayed home and rested all weekend because of a bad cold and fever. I am feeling almost well today and am very hopeful I can resume normal activity tomorrow.
    It was very sweet to read about your pleasant and productive weekend ❤️

  4. Rhonda,

    I hope you feel better soon!!!

  5. It looks like you have an amaryllis blooming - Pretty! We gave my oldest a bulb for Christmas as she loves that sort of thing and it is growing nicely. I have never seen the game that your family is playing in the picture before. What is it?

  6. We have been in revival for eight nights as of tonight, it maybe ending Wednesday night. So my weekend was mainly going to church. I deep cleaned my room today and bought a vase of yellow tulips from TJMAXX to set on my night stand. I am so ready for spring. I love weekends that are is it all about family. Take Care sweet friend.

    1. We are entering our week of nightly gatherings this week. So, the weekend balances it off perfect! You take care too!!

  7. We stayed home as well but my cousin and his puppy Maggie came over Saturday for a doggy date with our Caesar. While the dogs literally wore each other out, my cousin Jeremy, Jeff and I enjoyed eating homemade crab and cream cheese wontons while visiting. By the time my cousin left, it looked like a snowglobe outside. Jeff and I did hot tub on Saturday night and also had a marathon watching of the first season of "The Flash" on Netflix. We are hooked!


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