Thursday, January 5, 2017

Stop Procrastination~Declutter 150

My habit for the month is to Stop Procrastination. Just Do It!!! I gave a challenge to the kids to collect 5 items they wanted to donate. I told them I was doing the same. Well, we ended up knocking out over 150 things and packed them in the car.

I find loading the items in the car as soon as I fill the bags is the best. If I stick them some place they will sit and then we dig back through.

 We plan to do it again tomorrow!



  1. That is on my list also. Today I have been cleaning out the filing cabinet. Getting receipts together for taxes and shredding items we no longer need. It feels good!

    1. It really does. It is so funny that I dread doing things that really take little time. Usually that is.

  2. You are doing great on the decluttering! I'm slowly going through things as time and energy allows.

  3. I have been pulling out as well, plan to have a yard sale this spring and use the money for new spring clothes. You are doing a great job!!


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