Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Little Things~ Counting My Blessings

I want to give a shout of praise to the Lord. Our dog Lexi woke up sick Saturday throwing up blood. We were so worried. She was lethargic and just really not well. We all gathered around her and prayed and the next day she was back 100% normal. Bouncing and barking. Eating and well. Praise the Lord.

Then later that day I went to the store to pick up some New Year's Eve goodies we budgeted for and while there I was going to pick up my youngest son a church outfit. He only had 2 outfits for church and one of them was worn out. I had money set aside for this. When I got up to the check out it rang up $4.50. It was a $20 outfit that came with pants, shirt, tie, and vest. I asked the lady if it rang up right? Haha! She said, "well I suppose". So, I went back and got 3 more. I was praying please let them ring up that same price. They did!!!! The thing is there was no sale price sticker! No sign. It had its original price on it for $20. I got 4 outfits for $18!!!!! Cheaper than I originally planned and more for my buck! Praise the Lord!


Today I had set my grocery budget and just prayed and trusted I would find deals. I went to a store I never do (Kroger's) because it tends to be high. But I felt a nudge to go. I am so glad God nudged me. I got great cuts of meat that was on sale BIG TIME. I got can goods super cheap that I was able to stock up on. Shredded Cheese in bulk half priced. I was so happy!!! Praise the Lord. I spent all but $2 of my budget. I was really trying to spend less than that. But I was really blessed and got to stock up. I was on my way home and got a call that someone mailed me a check that covered a chunk of the grocery money I just spent. Praise the Lord!!

It may seem like little things to some but friends my faith has been rocky since my health issues and I have been praying for my faith to come alive again and of course I have repented of this lack of faith. Ever since then I am seeing little seeds of faith planting in my life. Praise the Lord.



  1. Good evening, I am happy you found such good bargains on things you need, ❤️

  2. Good for you!
    Good things happen to good people, right? : )

  3. Chrissy,

    God loves you so much! He uses the hard things to get us to turn to Him and not away from Him.

    What wonderful blessings, and how wonderful that you saw that they came from our loving Father!

    Happy New Year!

  4. I love how God uses the little things, like savings, to encourage us! Hope you continue to feel His love and blessings.


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