Monday, January 2, 2017

When You Just Don't Know~Pray!

Lists, Goals, Words, and Resolutions.....this is what we say, read, and think about this time of year. I love this time of year. It is a season that brings a fresh hope and thoughts of change in the horizon.

For some reason this year I really had a hard time setting up goals like normal. But I did it. I spent hours and days mulling over goals and envisioning that THIS year would be the YEAR. Like I do EVERY year. I quickly became frustrated and overwhelmed. I notice a lot where the same old goals I plan every year. So, the list has been put away! The goals on hold.

Hold on!! I promise I am not trying to be negative. I am just wanting to encourage the weary mama that it is okay if you just don't know what to plan! It is even okay to not jump on the bandwagon and let it go and just keep on going as you are and let God lead you! Just keep going. I am with you. I promise.

After I sat and spent a lot of time thinking of all my goals and etc. for this year I quickly realized how overwhelmed I felt. I was praying about my lists. I was honestly trying to give it to the Lord. Yet, I felt so weary looking at it. I felt overwhelmed. So, I simplified the list and I still felt like it wasn't what I needed to do. So, after reading a post from Abbi I was encouraged because I had already been thinking on the idea of just focusing on a habit a month. She has a much detailed list of goals but she shares a wonderful idea of setting a habit a month for her marriage this year. My idea of it is a little different but it is what I believe God used to help me in what I need to do. I am thankful for bloggers.

I will be working on my habits of the month and I have a few in mind. As I do this I will be focusing on the word PRAY for this year. It is what kept coming to my heart over and over in the last month. One thing I know for sure is that PRAYER is key to my days ahead! My life in general. I pray daily and often. But I desire to go deeper. I truly feel it is time for me to stretch myself in this area.

 I don't know if my lists and goals are going to really be accomplished but I do know that my word for the year is PRAY!

I believe by doing this I will be guided in the right direction from the smallest of things to the biggest. To declutter ideas to finances. If I PRAY God will hear and He will help me. I need a GOD LIST! Not a Chrissy list. I need GOD IDEAS! Not mine.

I am in no way discouraging goals. "A man without a vision will perish" (Proverbs) but I am saying put God first and let Him guide us. Sometimes He wants us to just BE! Listen! Slow! This way we can do what HE wants us to really do. We need to have goals, dreams and visions. We must be Proactive. So, if you don't have any clue what to plan for this year, if you are weary, or if you just really don't want to plan.... do this one thing PRAY! Pray with me! You will see in weeks to come I will share goals and plans I have. But I will do it after I have spent time with the Lord.



  1. Chrissy, I was reading on Francine River's blog today that sometimes we just need to put the whip away and give ourselves a little grace. Wise words I think.

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! New American Standard translates Psalm 46:10 "Cease striving and know I am God." I believe it isn't always about changing and growing. Sometimes it's about maintaining where we are... "Be still.." That is why my focus this year and hopefully for years to come is finding joy in the journey. I want the Lord to lead me, not me always trying to control things :) and enjoy the journey as I watch His will be done in my life.

  3. My dear Chrissy, I just love what Nanna said about putting the whip away and giving ourselves grace....oh how true!

    Wishing you a most beautiful and joyous New Year, dear one. Simply rest in the Lord :) Love and hugs!

  4. Prayer is SO important. That is something I worked on a lot last year and want to continue to seek God's direction continuously in prayer. I am blessed that my post (even though we aren't doing things the same way)was still helpful to you in a small way. So thankful that we can rest in Jesus and allow God to mold and change us.

    1. I am thankful for your post it was what I needed.


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