Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beatuiful Day!

Hello everyone. We are having such beautiful weather. It is really strange. I am nervous a little because our trees are blooming and budding and I pray a freeze doesn't happen. We still have a few weeks of winter.

Today is my husband's birthday. We celebrated yesterday because my oldest has to work. I made his favorite dinner. Fried Pork Chops, Baked Potatoes, black eyed peas, and homemade cornbread. I finished it off with his favorite dessert...A Strawberry Swirl New York Style Cheesecake.

My oldest bought him a brand new grill and smoker with his own money and the younger ones and I bought grill supplies. He loved it. I am excited for him to use it. We love grilling and smoking meat.

Today we are finishing up school early. I am going to treat my friend to a lunch date. We rarely spend time together and she has had a lung transplant. I felt I needed to spend some time with her today.

I hope you all have a lovely day.




  1. Happy Birthday to your husband, what thoughtful gifts you all gave him.
    That is so sweet of you to spend time with your friend, it probably means more to her then you know. We know how you feel, we hope a freeze doesn't kill what is blooming here. Take care.

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband, Chrissy! That is a great BBQ. How sweet of your children to treat him to this and grill supplies! I hope your weather stays nice for your blooms!

  3. Happy Birthday to your husband!!!
    What a lovely celebration you had for him. : )
    Hope you enjoyed your lunch with your friend.
    Always nice to have some friend time!

  4. What a sweet thoughtful thing for your son to do for his daddy! Looks like a very nice grill and smoker! I hope you had a good time with your friend who had the lung transplant!


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