Friday, February 10, 2017

Challenge Friday~Healthy Eating

We had a neat week trying to find ways to do Random Acts of Kindness which was the challenge last week. We took $5's and put a dollar and tax money in a small bag and wrote, "Treat Yourself Today" on them and passed them out at the Dollar Store. There were so many smiles and one lady almost cried. One lady was needing a card and was scrambling for change. It was so neat to see my kids see the looks on people. They were amazed that a Dollar can still have a impact.

Then we took a milkshake to the cash register lady at the Dollar Store. She works 3 jobs and just lost one of her jobs. We never met her before yesterday. When we were checking out she was talking about how tough it has been. So, we went and got her a milkshake and delivered it to her. She was so shocked.

The kids have been doing little extra things here and there for each other and myself. Without prompting. Making each others beds, doing dishes, and laundry. Even watching  how they respond to each other. 

This week the challenge is going to be for me personally because my health needs it and if any of you would like to jump on I would love it. We can hold each other accountable.

The Challenge is to eat from Monday to Friday vegetables, fruit, and lean meat. Drink a glass of lemon water in the morning and limit junk. You can have one treat a day within reason. Try to make it healthy and not full of sugar.

Who will join me? It is just for 5 days!!!!



  1. How wonderful, Chrissy!
    How many people you and your children touched!
    And teaching your children compassion and empathy at the same time...
    You inspire. : )
    I will join you with the lemon water...I am trying to do that daily, and need the encouragement!
    Have a cozy weekend, my friend.

  2. Chrissy, how sweet! I am trying to eat better. I'm afraid I can't drink lemon water with you. It is too acidic for me. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Your past week sounds like a lot of fun!!! I do drink lemon (or raw apple cider vinegar) water every morning. I too am wanting to watch what I eat and make healthier choices. Over all we eat pretty healthy but things still sneak into our lives and when I am at a church event or something like that (and we have been having fellowship dinners every Sunday this winter) I am very tempted to eat things that are not good for me. I will join you on the eat healthy challenge for this week.

  4. That sounds like a really neat thing you guys did!

    As for healthy eating, I need more veggies, but I do eat healthy overall and no sugar!

  5. That is SO sweet...all of your acts of kindness! I took Valentines and handed them out to the vendors at the Farmer's mkt this week. And yes, I'll eat more healthy this week. I can't eat sugar...I am allergic...but I can do better with more salads and less bread! I love your blog! Hugs!

    1. Thank you for visiting. That is a wonderful idea. Handing out Valentines. How neat. I loved my visit to your blog.

  6. Such precious memories you are making with your children, teaching them the active joy that it is better to give than to receive! I can just imagine the smiles on the faces of the people at the Dollar Store, and so wonderful to treat the cashier! Truly the love of Jesus is flowing out of you and reaching those around you! A great challenge to be on! I also can't take too much lemon, but the rest sounds like a good plan to try! Hugs to you today!

  7. I have read that drinking water with a couple of drops of lemon essential oil is better for your teeth and does not have as strong of a taste and has more antioxidants and nutrients than regular lemon water.


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