Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Character Focusing

My husband and I noticed some issues this past year with basic things we worked very hard on with the children when they were younger. Little flaws that we have seen creeping in their lives as well as ours.

I know I have a genre of readers of all ages and seasons of motherhood. But I can say that even we ourselves can always work and polish our character. We are never too old to stop working on ourselves.

Based on the book, Teaching Your Children Values, we choose a character we would like to focus on monthly. We make a banner with the character name, write the name on our boards throughout the home, and talk about it daily as we go about our day. Mainly at supper time. At the beginning of the month I share what we are going to focus on and ask them to tell me what they think it means. Then I share with them on the topic.

All month we focus on this in our daily lives. They have even pointed out to me when I slipped. Which is a great thing because it is helping me become a better example.

At the end of the month we give an award a child that showed the most character improvement or high quality character. Every child will get a turn. We also treat them.

I know this may sound like bribery but to us when we work hard we like something in return and God also showers us with blessings when we obey. That is our parental view on this.

January our character was Respect. I wanted to use my oldest as an example because he already has developed most of these character qualities and my younger kids look up to him.

I treated him to a breakfast at his favorite doughnut shop. He was also given an award. This gave the younger children a good reflection of being happy for others when they are treated for hard work. Believe me this has got the younger to working really hard this month which is Kindness.

You can apply this to yourself as an adult. One book I read by Emily Barnes made a suggestion of studying out scripture through out the month or year of something you are having issues on and applying the Word of God and praying through that fruit of the spirit that needs to be refreshed.
She studied on Gossip in her younger years. I loved this idea. I often apply it to my life from gluttony, materialism, depression, faithfulness, and love.



  1. So inspirational, Chrissy!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I hope all is well with you, and you are having a cozy week. : )

    1. Thank you Billie Jo. You always encourage me with your comments.

  2. Neat idea! We can always use growth in the areas of character.

  3. Ah, respect is a hard one, but oh so necessary. I'm working on it still. Be blessed my friend!

  4. I love this idea, how inspiring. Keep sharing these with us each month. Feel better soon.

    1. Thank you. I hope to feel better soon. I feel a little better.

  5. What a special way to honor your children and give them something to work towards and look forward to as well! Hugs to you today, hope you are feeling better!

  6. I think this is wonderful and the fact that you are both modeling it and allowing your children to point out when you also slip in this area is such a great lesson for them. Believe me, that alone will pay huge dividends in their lives because it allows them to feel safe to make their own mistakes and come and ask for forgiveness too.


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