Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Challenge- Emergency Kit

Hello everyone. I am going to be honest last weeks challenge of eating healthy didn't go as good as I planned. I tried but didn't succeed well. The lemon water gave my stomach horrible cramps. Since my gallbladder surgery very high acid things really bother me. Its weird.

This week we are going to get together a basic ER kit and have a plan for an ER. Go through your first aid kit and update if needed. Or make one if you don't have one. Put together a ER pack if bad weather or an unforseen event happens.

Here is an example....
Items to eat
Water bottles or jugs
First aid kit

You can add to this of course. I'm just giving a basic idea.


Check your fire alarms and any other alarms you have. Make sure they work and batteries are replaced.

Create an ER plan with the family. Make a spot to meet at in case of a ER.

You truly can never be prepared enough but it is nice to make sure you do have basics that can help during a time of need.

If you have kids at home let then help. Great learning.




  1. This is a wonderful idea, Chrissy...
    In fact, years ago, I actually had one ready in our basement.
    Unfortunately, didn't keep it up.
    When I checked it was full of diapers and wipes and expired Poptarts!
    Thank you for inspiring me to get back at it! : )
    I hope you have a restful, cozy weekend with your people.

  2. We lived through a hurricane in 2008. Since then, I've bought large and medium sized cans of food. I peeled off the labels and marked the tops. I then stacked them, alternating with boards of wood to make a bookcase. It's a very cute and clever bookcase, and we have emergency food storage.

  3. We like to keep the items you listed in our vehicle. I also have liked to keep a spare pair of clothes for each of us in there and some hats and mittens but I don't think those things are in there just now. I do need to have a better schedule for checking fire alarms. They do beep when the battery gets low and we will change them then but it probably would be better if I just routinely changed them every year. We do also try to keep a well stocked first aid kit in our house plus a lot of other emergency food storage, etc.


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