Sunday, February 5, 2017

Media Break for the Week

Hey my sweet friends. I will be taking a Media Break this week. I will be back with regular posting the following week. Starting on Tuesday.

I have been enjoying reading your blogs (check my Inspired Places on my side bar) and your encouraging visits and comments. I will be back just having a little Media Fast.

Don't Forget the Friday Challenge from this past Friday. Do a Random Act of Kindness this week.

And for this Friday coming I challenge you to take a day off Media. You would be so treated I promise. The world will still be here (if the Lord Will's) and all the news will be around the next day.  I can tell you there is a wonderful refreshing that comes from pulling yourself back from media, news, and even just the over abundance of information rather good or not.

This is a part of slowing and stilling your heart and mind. It really does bring a fresh perspective.

Have a super week friends. Please continue to pray for me as I am still battling the crud.



  1. Our church calls for a media fast from time to time. I love the break from the computer. I don't listen to the radio or read the news of any kind and we don't have a smart phone or any thing 'i', no TV, so usually I have only this computer to fast. But it is a wonderful break away and it does still the heart and mind.

    I will miss you enjoy your break.
    I will be doing both media and kindness challenge.

    1. Teresa,

      Same here. We don't have tv. I also don't have "I" stuff either. I actually don't read the news. I know some think that unwise. But I do follow up on occasion. The thing is I am going to hear about it rather I watch it or read it. People talk non stop about it. I am glad your joining the challenges.

  2. Have a good week, my friend.
    You are an inspiration. : )
    Prayers for you!

  3. I try to take a media break every Sunday. It can be hard to do, but I love it when I stay the course!

  4. Enjoy your break from all the things that pop up in the media that cause stress in your world. I hope you enjoy lots of fun family time and that you heal from the crud. Be blessed my friend!

  5. So sorry to hear you got the "crud"! Media breaks are wonderful. We too, have no "i"s, no TV nor any social media outlet, except for blogging. I am blessed richly by my blogging "penpal" friends. I pray in Jesus name for healing for you!


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